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Ibexa Digital Experience Platform (DXP) helps B2B companies to transform traditional sales strategies into frictionless buying experiences
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[eBook] How to diversify digital sales channels in B2B

Digital sales channels can take on different roles to boost your digital transformation and add tremendous value. What matters most is that you start off with a technology foundation to support every stage of your growth.

This eBook addresses how B2B businesses can explore their options and evaluate the implications of diversifying their sales channels.

Our Technology Platform - Ibexa DXP

A modular digital experience platform to help you succeed in your Digital Transformation

Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)
Ibexa Content

An intuitive and comprehensive Content Management System (CMS) that enables you to deliver personalized content quickly and efficiently to your customers via a wide range of channels. From simplifying collaboration to streamlining content distribution, Ibexa Content makes working across multiple channels, markets, and languages easy, effective, and affordable.

Ibexa Experience

A Customer Experience Management platform that puts your clients at the center of everything you do. It makes creating the various touchpoints your customers have with your brand easier than ever, enabling you to guide your clients through your critical business processes. 

Ibexa Commerce

Ibexa Commerce provides businesses with a unified and streamlined platform from which you can customize all aspects of the e-commerce experience. By integrating content, personalization, and commerce functionality into a single, dedicated interface, Ibexa Commerce helps you manage every moment of the customer journey.

Ibexa Cloud

Enable your development team to deliver more efficient development-to-production processes. Ibexa Cloud is an end-to-end cloud hosting platform with streamlined back-end infrastructure and services for your Ibexa DXP implementation.  


Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)

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