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Clever Age

Founded in 2001, Clever Age specializes in the digitalization of the customer experience and supports major players in the B2C and B2B sectors worldwide to define and implement their digital strategy (marketing performance and omnichannel sales, unified commerce, Product Data Chain, Customer Data Chain, Enterprise Architecture). By combining the know-how of over 350 experts in digital marketing, technical architectures, project implementation and production infrastructures, the company intervenes in the entire value chain of a project: consulting, design, build and optimization. The company's development has always been based on our three founding values:

  • Independence: we advise our clients on their strategic choices without any external pressure.
  • Intelligence: our sector requires us to keep a constant trend watch to avoid wrong choices for our clients and to grasp opportunities and leverage new technologies.
  • Sustainability: we do not seek to "make a one-shot deal" but to set up effective systems over the long term.

In 2023, Clever Age realised a turnover of 50 million euros through its French offices and its foreign subsidiaries in Asia and North America. The company has 300 active clients, mainly large accounts.

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