Product Information Management (PIM)

Manage and orchestrate your entire product portfolio, marketing content, and product pricing, assets in one integrated DXP platform.
Take control of an unlimited number of Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) listed throughout online sales channels.
Manage content, product data, personalization, and ecommerce from a single platform in real-time.
Save the time, money, and resources associated with the hosting and maintenance of an external PIM. 

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Complex product info, simplified 

A lot of companies have complex physical or intangible products, and displaying them online is a challenge. Product owners must structure complex information with multiple attributes, organize and centralize hundreds or thousands of unique SKUs, and take full control of product data in one place.  Ibexa DXP allows you to define you own product model with all the attributes you need.

Organize products within catalogs and create a structure of categories and subcategories, organize and assign products to them. Split your main catalog, create, and manage catalogs specific to each of your sites or customer groups and only include products that you wish to sell via specific channels, to selected clients.

Enhance product info with rich content 

To build great and memorable experiences, you need more than basic product information. To increase user engagement, marketing and editorial teams need to use rich content formats such as videos, high-res imagery, and brochures to promote products.

With Ibexa PIM you can enrich your digital catalog with supporting assets and create dedicated collections of images for specific product variants. You can also create SEO-friendly pages for your product calalogs, replacing SKU's with more meaningful URL’s.

With Ibexa DXP, you can manage not only physical products but also intangable products like services, warranty extensions, etc.


Create product variants with ease 

Complex products can be offered in multiple variations. To manage product variants in a flexible way, the Ibexa PIM allows users to generate them automatically based on selected attributes or create single variants manually one-by-one. 

Specific product images, prices, or availability can be easily defined for each variant. 

Track product completeness

Monitoring product completeness is essential to identify missing information. Users can track each product specification including content, prices, attributes, variants, and translations.

The presence of progress bars provide a visual status of the completeness for both the product and each section. . This gives an overview of which products are ready to be published and which require further updates.   


Build advanced digital experiences 

The new Product Catalog is fully integrated in Ibexa DXP and available from Ibexa Headless, allowing you to take advantage of all the components such as landing pages for product campaigns, Multisite or Site Factory to promote products in different countries or regions.

In addition, you can deploy Ibexa Personalization to recommend content or related product items to increase conversion rates and sales. 

Manage custom pricing easily

Benefit from custom pricing and well-structured pricing policies for customer groups. Offer special rates on selected products to highly valued clients and earn their loyalty. Define base and custom prices for product. and their variants in different currencies.

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