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20, Rue des jardins
92600 Asnières Sur Seine
01 41 40 11 00
Leidseveer 2
3511 SB Utrecht
The Netherlands
+31 (0) 346 557 071
Route de la Longeraie 9
1110 Morges
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In business since 1991, Smile is the first European integrator of open source solutions. Multi-specialist with a large range of 18 offers, Smile deploys the best open source solutions in the market in a variety of domains like: DXP, portals, ERP, business intelligence, CRM, ECM, e-Commerce, as well as systems and infrastructure.

For the past 10 years, Smile has produced some of the most prominent websites in France, sites with high traffic and advanced features. Since 2001, Smile is the leading integrator of CMS open source solutions in France, with over 500 CMS- and DXP-based projects, and more than 100 built on Ibexa DXP (and formerly eZ Platform).

Smile has also offices in Spain, Ukraine, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland and Morocco.

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