Maintain brand consistency and deliver tailored product recommendations with engaging imagery and powerful search capabilities.

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Boost average order values and revenue with upsell and cross-sell promotions and recommendations
Engage your customers with attractive images and content thanks to rich marketing product capabilities offered in Ibexa DXP
Optimize access to your products thanks to our search engine who offer efficient navigation through extensive product catalogs

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Enhance product info with rich content

To build great and memorable experiences, you need more than basic product information. To increase user engagement, marketing and editorial teams need to use rich content formats such as videos, high-res imagery, and brochures to promote products.

With Ibexa PIM you can enrich your digital catalog with supporting assets and create dedicated collections of images for specific product variants.


Offer a relevant faceted search

When you have a large product catalog, such as 1,000 or 10,000 items, search becomes very important. Consider how challenging it might be to locate the exact product you need from such a vast catalog. In recent years, faceted search, which allows products to be sorted by various attributes, has become an essential aspect of merchandising. With Ibexa Commerce, you can configure your search engine to make it easier for your customers to navigate and find what they need, potentially leading to increased sales.

Capitalize on data-driven insights

Generate valuable data on cross-channel user interactions and content performance. This data-driven approach allows organizations to gain insights into user behavior, content effectiveness, and channel preferences.

By leveraging these insights, optimize your content strategy and deliver more impactful experiences.

Take advantage of collaborative filtering

A recommendation technique that predicts a user's interests by collecting preferences from a community. This method identifies patterns amongst users who share similar behaviors or preferences to make recommendations.

Collaborative Filtering leverages the "wisdom of the crowd" to provide relevant suggestions. Explore our models in more detail on how to boost sales performance.

Work smarter with automated email triggers

Send targeted and personalized messages based on specific user actions, preferences, or behaviors. This enhances user engagement by delivering content that is relevant to each recipient. 

Email triggers automate the sending process, saving time and resources, and once set up, these triggers can work in the background, ensuring consistent communication without manual intervention.

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