Digital Asset Management (DAM)

Boost collaboration, productivity, and efficiency with our centralized DAM platform.
Promote collaboration and productivity by connecting to a central platform where digital assets can be stored and managed.
Easy access to content, and the cross-channel distribution of digital assets including websites, apps, and social media.
Streamline workflows including content creation, review cycles, and approval processes for greater speed and accuracy.

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Flexible assets for editors

To ease the media library management and avoid duplications, image assets are well integrated into our platform. The image assets field enables editors to upload new, or search for existing images, while keeping all the assets well organized in the centralized media library. 

Complex permission schemes can be modelled to restrict who can manage or view the various assets.  


Enjoy built-in asset management 

Ibexa DXP comes with a media library based on the content repository. Built-in content types are available for image, and media files. These types can be customized and adapted to each project’s needs by adding any kind of field.

Media items are stored and organized in the Media Library. It offers a tree-like structure with a folder for each asset type. This simple but reliable structure can be expanded to accommodate much more complex organizations. 

Image variations for your convenience

The DXP comes with a flexible image variation mechanism. Named variations can be defined, each featuring its own set of transformations, such as cropping, resizing, or watermarking. A wide set of image formats can be generated to accommodate every channel.  

These variations can be used from templates and APIs, as well as from the back office, where editors can choose from the defined variations.  

Benefit from DAM integrations 

Integrate DAM solutions into Ibexa DXP using the DAM Connector API. The various features of DAM platforms can be connected to the native Ibexa DXP features: 

  • Search for remote digital assets and include them in content or products 
  • Retrieve custom metadata maintained in the DAM 
  • Associate DAM variations/derivatives to variations from the DXP. This provides editors with a consistent experience, independent of the medium storage of image assets 
  • Serve images directly from the DAM 


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