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Founded in Monaco in 2005, Inforca supports and collaborates with major institutions to ensure that each project is a success, It is the first and only Ibexa Partner in Monaco.

Webforca by Inforca

Ibexa's partner in Monaco, Inforca, has created a Webforca subsidiary dedicated to digital transformation through the creation of remarkable customer experiences. Composed of experts who have worked for more than 10 years on eZpublish, eZplatform and Ibexa DXP, Inforca has set up a center of excellence to serve companies and institutions in the Principality of Monaco and the southern region.

Headless integration of Ibexa DXP with external tools

Using the AP modules of the core Ibexa DXP solution, our team also knows how to develop extensions in the Rest and GraphQL API of Ibexa to allow a better communication with external applications and the integration of rich content in other formats. Other tools used in our projects: Symfony, VueJS, React/React Native, AlpineJS, NodeJS, Tailwind CSS, Storybook, Gitlab

Ibexa DXP skills of Inforca employees

All our employees are certified on Ibexa DXP Experience and Ibexa DXP Commerce. Each year and for each major version, we train our teams on the new versions of Ibexa in order to be able to support you in the evolution of your product.

Experts in the creation of high-performance, high-traffic websites

Our team of developers has been working successfully for 15 years on high-traffic website projects that require a high level of response time. Our SEO/PPC experts, have 10 years of experience, analyze and optimize acquisition opportunities to make your project visible. We support our clients in achieving their digital transition objectives.

Ibexa DXP: a perfect tool for creating a galaxy of sites

Our clients use Ibexa to prepare a site template: ergonomics, design, content skeleton.

  • This template is used to deploy complete new sites very quickly
  • All improvements and new functionalities are available and apply at the same time to all sites on the platform

Ibexa Commerce: B2C/ B2B E-commerce and Marketplace

Our projects combine the strength of Ibexa on the content silo part and the power of the Ibexa Commerce module to add a complementary functional brick. In addition, we are preparing a B2B/ B2C Marketplace project with the latest features of Ibexa Commerce.

Maintenance on eZ Publish, eZ Platform and Ibexa DXP

Having worked for the past 15 years on every version of eZ Publish and eZ Platform and more recently the latest versions of Ibexa DXP, our team knows these products very well. We provide timely and relevant support for eZ Publish Legacy, eZ Platform and Ibexa DXP.

Upgrading to Ibexa DXP

We help comapnies using eZ Publish Legacy or eZ Platform in Legacy Bridge migrate to the Long Term Supported version of Ibexa DXP.  We have deep experience with this type of project and we would be very happy to help you migrate all of your content without loss while respecting your SEO, rebuild all of your sites in new, more efficient technologies and re-develop your functional modules while benefiting from all of the libraries of functionalities available in Ibexa DXP.

With 15 years of digital experience, our team is able to accompany you and carry out all the necessary steps for you and answer any questions you may have, don't hesitate to reach out!

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