Provide personalized spaces that offer a unified seamless experience, with access to various resources, applications and services from a single point of entry.

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Create personalized digital experiences for specific user segments by tailoring content, services, and functionality.
Benefit from centralized hubs for targeted user groups, ensuring that content is easy to manage, accessible, and kept up to date.
Drive user engagement to boost customer loyalty and increase conversion with personalized content and services.  

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Make relevant information easy to find

Create Portals in minutes with Ibexa DXP, define by page (content) who has access and reduce the quantity of information that users are exposed to. They make the most relevant information easier to find and interact with, simplifying interactions with other actors.

Through the portal, businesses can not only highlight products related to those that the customer is searching for, but also offer customized pricing or show products that are not available to the wider public.

Put the user at the centre of attention

With a personal touch in mind, editors can upload their photos (avatar), and provide their information such as Email, Department, Position, Location, Signature, etc.

Users can customize their experience further, with new preferences that have been added to user settings.

The user profile page plays a central role in portal construction with features such as Recent activity, Roles assigned, and more if needed!

Develop customer autonomy with self-service portals

Harness the power of customer portals which are affectively a self-service tool that offer simple, streamlined, and targeted customer experiences with quick and simple digital interactions.

Meet the needs of today’s buyers by delivering personalized and useful digital experiences: offer them at the same place the relevant content and access to your business applications. Remove obstacles in buying journey to strengthen the relationship between your brand and customers or prospects.

Perfect personalization with portals

Portals are a fantastic way of generating and delivering personalized content. Segmentation is easy as customers must log in, making it easy to tailor the journey to the user’s needs.

Provide customers with tailored pricing that reflects their purchasing history or relationship with the company. Portals can also be used to advertise or promote relevant offers, making your business a more attractive proposition for affiliates and advertising partners. 

Harness the power of automation

Automation within portals in a DXP allow businesses to create more intelligent, responsive, and user-centric digital experiences.

Deliver personalized, scheduled content delivery, automated workflows, and dynamic updates. But that's not all. Take advantage of event triggers, user onboarding, notifications and alerts, and data synchronization to create smooth processes with Ibexa Connect and 1300+ external software

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