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The B2B Digital Experience Platform for transforming how businesses do business with each other
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It's time for Businesses to Get Digital

Digital Technology is transforming how business do business with each other. The way companies engage, sell and buy to/from each other is dramatically changing. It's impacting sales performance, sales models and strategy and even business models. 

Go Digital or Die/ Act Fast, Now.

B2B companies struggle to keep their competitive edge. If they don't discover and diversify new marketing and sales strategies and channels now, they'll lose market share and become irrelevant. 

When Customer Comes First, it's All About Experience.

Increasingly, this is about offering friction-less memorable experiences to their customers, all along their journey with your brand. From the very first touchpoint with a brand, to the buying process and long beyond, the experience is what will make them win against the competion.

Our mission

Growing your revenue through new sales channels for your business

We provide a single, unified platform to create and optimize your digital channels (known and unknown). Our platforms help you support and enhance existing sales and business models. It also lets you create new sales and business models by helping you launch new products, services and test new strategies. Web shops, mobile apps, dealer portals, integration with market places, self-service... you name it. It can be build atop our platform.

Creating frictionless experiences for your customers

In a world where customer comes first, it's all about experience. Customers are in control. Offering content creation, website building, e-commerce and personalization along with strong integration and customization capabilities, we help you build memorable experiences across channels, unifying brand, content, product information, commerce and your existing business processes. 

Innovating and mastering Business Agility

We accompany you in your growth with progressive investment, speed and adaptability. This enable you to innovate and scale your business fast and in an agile manner meeting changing and uncertain business environments and markets.

Today, a CMS is not enough. It takes much more to deliver on our customers' needs, and that is this "much more" that we expect from a DXP
Alex Net

A Technology platform but also a People platform that you can trust

Digital transformation is as much about technology as about people, strategy, knowhow and culture.

Our reliable and secure DXP is implemented by our certified, trustworthy partners – digital agencies, system integrators and consultancies. With Ibexa and its partners you will progress in your digital transformation and quickly adapt to changing market needs while always putting the customer experience at the heart of your business.  

Trust has been key for us and eZ Platform caters to this in a very reliable way. It means that our audiences too can trust us for the content we provide to them.
Lillibeth van Egmond
Senior Web Manager
By Simon Pullin
12/05/2023 | 8 Min read
By Simon Pullin
14/03/2023 | 8 Min read
By Su Kent
13/10/2022 | 3 Min read

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