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Build frictionless customer journeys and incredible online experiences with our premium Digital Experience Platform

Treat Every Customer Like a VIP

Deliver personalized experience is more important than ever! As you, we recognize that personalization and online experience are now an essential factors in dictating whether commercial relationships flourish or wither.

Ibexa Experience is a CX management platform that puts your customers at the center of everything you do. It makes creating the various touchpoints your customers have with your brand easier than ever, enabling you to guide your clients through your critical business processes. 

From creating new websites, portals, attractive landing pages and personalizing product recommendations to managing SEO strategies across a wide range of locations, Ibexa Experience contains all you need to deliver a game-changing digital experience.

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Personalization for all

As every customer journey is unique, Ibexa Experience equips your business with the tools it needs to deliver targeted content and recommendations increasing its impact and personalizing the customer’s experience.

Drive Performance

Ibexa Page Builder feature allows you to build attractive new pages in minutes using predefined layouts and blocks. Thanks to our Form Builder, you can also integrate custom forms providing you with a powerful data collection tool.

Multi-site ready

Industrialize your online presence with our Site Factory features. There's no limit to the number of sites you can publish. Build consistent branding, reuse content from existing sites to new pages, accelerate your time-to-market

Self-service portals

Provide personalized spaces that offer a unified experience, with access to various resources and services from a single point of entry. Access to business data, use specific user segments by tailoring content, develop self-services

All the capabilities you need to offer great experiences to your customers!

Ibexa DXP software is designed to provide your business with all the features, functionality, and support you need to transform your business for the digital age. With a focus on giving you the tools to create, shape, and manage the customer journey, as well as every touchpoint within it, the platform is a holistic and comprehensive solution for your most pressing business needs.

Build New Pages and Websites in Moments

As your business grows, it will require additional online resources to meet the needs of customers in new markets.

Ibexa Experience's intuitive Page Builder feature allows you to build new pages quickly and efficiently using predefined layouts, blocks and templates. Moreover with Site Factory, there's no limit to the number of sites you can publish. Our Form Builder also ensures you’re able to integrate custom forms and surveys into your websites, providing you with a powerful data collection tool.

  • Benefit from easy-to-use website templates to create new websites for your business
  • Reuse content from existing sites to new pages
  • Take advantage of a comprehensive range of editing tools
  • Create simple forms to include on your sites.

Target Customers in Their Preferred Channels

As every customer journey is unique, you must tailor your marketing strategy to the needs and preferences of individual customers. Ibexa Experience equips your business with the tools it needs to deliver targeted content and product recommendations via your customers’ channel of choice, increasing its impact and personalizing the customer’s experience.

  • Deliver consistent content and standardize the customer experience across all channels
  • Target specific user segments by attributes and behaviorwith optimized content 
  • Share tailored recommendations with our intelligent learning engine
  • Distribute content to the right customers, in the right channels, at the right time

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