Build, run, and scale your Ibexa DXP project - end to end

Ibexa Cloud

A modern platform-as-a-service (PaaS) for agile teams to build and run projects faster and at lower cost
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Accelerate your digital projects with continuous development

Ibexa Cloud is an end-to-end cloud hosting platform for your Ibexa DXP software for more efficient development-to-production processes. With streamlined back-end infrastructure and services, your dev team can work more efficiently and deliver faster at every stage. 

  • Simpler, faster onboarding for new developers
  • Enjoy better, high-speed testing with agile development
  • Deploy new features to production faster and easily perform rollbacks
  • Help dev teams be more innovative as they can build and iterate more effectively.

Focus on creating business value, not everyday operations

Free up developer resources from lower-value operational tasks required to maintain your back-end infrastructure. Ibexa Cloud is fully delivered as a service, being configured and managed within your application code base.

Comparing the reduced operating resources required for a PaaS approach compared to on-premise or IaaS infrastructure architecture.

Reduce your hardware infrastructure requirements

We take care of your hosting capacity so you don't need to maintain any hardware, plus you can scale instantly.  

Fewer low-value operations tasks

Increase productivity by reducing daily functions for managing databases, queues, search engines and operating systems

Build better applications 

Instead of managing back-end infrastructure, dev teams can dedicate more resources to extending business applications with new features.

Robust quality assurance processes help increase productivity beyond Devops teams.

Optimize QA without slowing down your dev team

Ibexa Cloud provides increased capacity for testing and development environments to better replicate production at scale. This means provides greater agility to build high quality solutions with improved QA testing, faster than ever. 

Boost productivity for developers, product managers, product owners and QA engineers.

  • Easy to spin up new testing instances
  • Streamline merging and feature deployment
  • Instant cloning, CI/ CD and Github integration
  • Testing automation and automated back-ups.

Run and deploy in your choice of cloud provider - build with your favorite tech stack 

As a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, Ibexa Cloud acts as a layer between your preferred public cloud service and your application. Which means you can retain full control over your end-user delivery, but take full advantage of the flexibility and scalability of modern web development powered by the cloud.

Deploy on your choice of cloud service provider and region.


Support for AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform, Orange, or regional services

 Data privacy

Comply with data regulations with regional cloud options.

 Any technology

Build on Ibexa Cloud using your preferred technology stack, from Symfony, node.js, to Java, and more. 


Easy to increase your infrastructure investment as you grow.

Continuous development framework with Git-native workflows

Embrace modern development with Git workflows at the core

Whether they use the command line or the web interface, your developers will love the simplicity of using Ibexa Cloud, with the whole development workflow based around using Git Flow.

Whether your team uses use Github, Gitlab, Bitbucket or another tool, your developers will be up and running on your project in no time with Ibexa Cloud.

High availability

99.9% Uptime

Disaster recovery ready. 

Choose fully redundant, shared or dedicated 

Software + infrastructure

A single provider to manage

We deliver both your software and your hosting infrastructure in a single package.

Proven results

40% increase in developer productivity

15% faster user acceptance testing

20% more deployments

Build faster than your competitors. 

Git-native development


Integrated with: Bitbucket, Github, Gitlab. Instantly clone every branch of both your code and infrastructure

Services snap-in: add services such as MySQL, Kafka, and Elasticsearch with a line of code ​​​​​​

Build for any digital channel: develop with almost any runtime or framework

Build & test


Built-in CI/CD: automate run tests and compiling dependencies for faster time to production

Extend: webhooks to easily integrate with any workflow

Versioning: declarative infrastructure with versioning like your code

Scale: instantly spin up new test instances and add new infrastructure capacity




Streamline operations: fully managed databases, queues, networking, and storage 

Migrate: change between service versions with single-line configuration

Services: secured and patched by Ibexa Cloud

Optimized deployment


Grid architecture: automated containerization for your apps and services 

Support: stateful or stateless apps, worker processes

DevOps: integrate with your current processes.

Run in your chosen cloud


Multicloud support: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Orange, Google Cloud Platform, and regional partners.

Includes: production cloud hosting, plus additional testing environments

Run: no modifications required between regions and clouds

Security & compliance


Data localization: strict geographic data restrictions available

Data ownership: you retain full ownership of your customer data defining where it's stored

Audit: all updates to your code and infrastructure are fully auditable

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