Site Factory

Create and deploy multiple websites at lightning speed and at scale. Industrialize your online presence and optimize the costs and resources needed.

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Create, localize, and manage multiple websites and sales channels from a single, centralized platform. 
Optimize the costs and resources associated with website management and streamline development and maintenance.
Rapidly expand into new markets with localized content with specific product catalogs and pricing. 

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Multisite installation made easy 

Ibexa DXP can be easily configured to have multiple sites in one installation. Developers can prepare designs and templates for Site Factory.  As soon the feature is activated, users with the necessary rights can create a new site using the administration interface. Simply select the design, add a domain name, and choose a language, it’s that simple!  

By doing so, colleagues working in different departments or countries will use the same assets or resources. For example, a product image can be used for the corporate website, a landing page for a marketing campaign and for the French version of the website. It goes similarly with any content stored on Ibexa DXP.  

Create new sites at speed without technical support 

Marketing or editorial teams want more autonomy when it comes to releasing a new website. These teams want to oversee the go live and have full control of all websites.  

With Multisite Factory, website owners can now go to the next level by creating a new site for a new country, a new brand or  product in just a few clicks, without  IT or developer support, reducing time to market and increasing productivity.  

Multisite Factory also allows you to retire obsolete websites in seconds. Both online and offline websites are stored, and it’s easy to edit an offline website and put it back online in just a few clicks.  


Create your own content Hub

When creating a new site, you can decide whether you want to start from scratch or from existing content. So, when creating a new site, your tree structure is already in place with draft content, you just have to adapt it accordingly. But you can take this idea even further and create a content hub where all of your content is centralized and made available to your target audience. Content hubs are becoming an increasingly important element in many businesses’ marketing strategies bringing many advantages: brand consistency, faster time to market, higher quality backlinks, SEO management and more.

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