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Check out the features available in Ibexa Content, Ibexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce
Ibexa DXP is rich in features and functionality. From image editing to personalization and segmentation, from a product catalog to multisite through to localization, workflows, asset management and more, it helps you deliver exceptional digital experiences to your audiences.
Explore Ibexa DXP’s features in more depth:

Content Management

Creating memorable content for content marketing, product catalog, brand and editorial. Do so at scale, quickly and securely, delivering it in any way (including headless).

FEATURE Ibexa Content Ibexa Experience Ibexa Commerce
Structured Content

• Create, edit and delete any type of content including product information (PIM) and rich media (DAM)

• Support and manage complex content and brand architecture

• Create content and deliver digital content to any channel or destination

• Create Content Types with no coding

• Rich and unlimited field library for content types

• Tree-based content organization

• Multi-location of content

• XML/ HTML 5/ Docbook rich text editor

• Content relation and content integrity check

• Tagging and taxonomy management • Content Preview

Collaboration & Workflow
  • Granular role and permission system
  • Quick-review Workflow to expedite content approval
  • Configurable Workflow engine to enforce content management processes across teams
  • Collaboration feed and notification system
  • Management dashboard with workflow and collaboration widgets
  • Version history and restore
Multilingual Content Management
  • Content localization and translation support
  • Simple translation interface
  • Sophisticated translation policies
  • Automated translation (optional with 3rd party services)
  • Support for 64 languages per installation, by default
  • Languages preferences for admin user interface
  • Localize the user interface with new languages, or define your own translation
  • Support for special character sets
Image Editor

•    Image cropping using predefined or custom ratios
•    Image flipping to achieve impressive creative effects
•    Determining focal point to define the main subject of the image

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Website Management

Assembling and managing websites without development, quickly and securely, reusing content and features.

FEATURE Ibexa Content Ibexa Experience Ibexa Commerce
  • Site Factory user interface to create websites in a few clicks
  • Support from micro-sites to multiple brand websites
  • Simple website templates
  • Easily reuse content across websites
  • Manage website translations
Page Builder
  • Visual Page Builder interface with drag'n'drop functionality to add content On-page editing
  • Out-of-the-box Content blocks ready to use
  • Customize new content blocks
  • Support multiple page layouts and templates
  • Scheduling and automation of page and content curation
  • Visual form builder and form manager
SEO and Social
  • Manage SEO Metadata
  • Manage metadata for social platforms, Open Graph and AMP
  • Automated or editorially driven site navigation
  • Automated creation of URL slugs and SEO metadata
  • Link manager
  • Internal linking
  • URL alias and redirection system and user interface
Form Builder
  • Drag'n drop interface to visually create forms without development
  • Manage any form fields
  • Extend with custom form fields
  • Capture and manage user form data
  • Build multi-page forms for survey and polls
  • Extend and integrate with other systems

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Adapting experiences and content to users depending on their behavior, the context and the channel in order to be relevant

FEATURE Ibexa Content Ibexa Experience Ibexa Commerce
User-driven personalization
  • User preference based website personalization 
  • Customer user roles & permission-based website personalization
  • Content targeting based on content taxonomy and user interests
  • GDPR support
Behavioral-driven personalization
  • User activity web tracking
  • Behavioral-driven analysis engine for personalization
  • Performance-driven personalization for KPI optimization
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Personalized user-scenario and A/B testing scenario
  • Historical activity
  • Based on content
  • Most purchased, most visited
  • Abandoned cart and sessions
  • Trending

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Digital Commerce

Blending content and commerce to provide an intuitive and streamlined buying experience

FEATURE Ibexa Content Ibexa Experience Ibexa Commerce
Content and Commerce
  • Unified site management for administrators and operators
  • Unified search engine to search across products, orders, lists, content and more
  • Content-rich product pages
Buying experience
  • Fast check-out process
  • Order lists
  • Product comparison
  • Rich product information
  • Unified user experience with other parts
  • Custom personalized buying experiences
  • Standard e-shop features
CRM integration
  • Customer portal to access customer account preferences
  • Access to billing and subscription information
  • Self-service for customer account information management
  • Segmentation of customers
B2B Commerce
  • Business process integration with ERP for order processing and transactions
  • Budget and order management for buyers
  • Purchase workflow and approval
  • Real-time dynamic and custom pricing
  • Quick-order and order lists for speedy purchasing
  • Integrate with supply chain and procurement systems

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Product Information Management (PIM)

A digital product catalog that has the power to significantly simplify the management of product information and product marketing for B2B companies in a single platform.

FEATURE Ibexa Content Ibexa Experience Ibexa Commerce
Product Catalog
  • Centralized management of (potentially) hundreds of throuse of SKUs
  • Simplified product data management for content editors
  • Full Control of product data and custom pricing
  • Improved search and filter opportunities

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Designing, developing and deploying new features with speed and agility. Integrating with other systems seamlessly

FEATURE Ibexa Content Ibexa Experience Ibexa Commerce
Web development framework
  • Cutting-edge Symfony PHP development framework
  • API-first software design
  • Build-in GraphQL and REST remote APIs
  • Extension points available for nearly all parts of the software
  • Content engine extensible by design 
  • Low code customization system
Continuous Deployment
  • A Cloud service that takes care of infrastructure and services for your Ibexa DXP application from Dev to Production
  • Simplified speedy deployments to staging, test and production
  • Git-based, integrating with Github, Gitlab and Bitbucket
  • High Availability hosting - 99.99% availability SLA
  • Multi-cloud support: AWS, Microsoft Azure, Orange, Google, and regional partners
  • Reliable and secure - SOC2 certified.
  • API-first software design which allows simple integration with any systems
  • Business process connectivity framework for key processes: content, digital assets, orders, product catalog, inventory etc.
  • Headless-ready thanks to a decoupled architecture
  • Connector repository and examples: translation services, payment gateways, DAM, ERP, PIM, CRM etc.

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