Interactive Zero and First Party Data Collection

Generate engagement, get to know your audiences and capture data via quizzes, games, polls, contests, and over 50 other interactive formats with Ibexa Engage.

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Improve brand awareness with engaging quizzes, contests, polls and over 50 other interactive formats.
Convert your visitors into customers with high conversion campaigns, published easily and quickly on Ibexa DXP.
Enrich your knowledge of your customers by collecting first- and zero-party data in a secure and GDPR-compliant manner.

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Create engaging experiences

With Ibexa Engage, you can create engaging experience through animated games, quizzes, contests, surveys, tests, and more! Choose from up to 50 interactive formats (Arcade games like Runner and Catcher, Skill games like Memory and Puzzle, Instant win like Wheel and Jackpot) to engage your audience and collect first- and zero-party data. With Ibexa Engage, your brand awareness will reach new heights!

Publish everywhere, reach everybody

Forget complex integrations with Ibexa DXP! Seamlessly integrate animated games, quizzes, contests, surveys, tests into your landing pages in just a few clicks. You have complete integration from the rich text editor and from within Page Builder; open the dropdown, select your campaign and you're done! Ibexa Engage can also be integrated into mobile apps, published on social networks, shared by email, etc.

Build your first-party data environment

Ibexa Engage is the ideal tool to regain control of your customer/audience data and create a first-party data environment of the highest quality. Forget third-party data, use our interactive marketing modules to create your own collection of user data. Collect actionable data, view in real time and get advanced statistics.

Get to know your audiences and leverage on your data

Get instant insights and monitor your performance throughout the year. Access detailed reporting thanks to our easy-to-read dashboards. Export your data to your favorite MarTech tools for further interrogation and develop your sales! Set up pixel tracking and tags for retargeting.. the sky is the limit!


Fully GDPR compliant, Ibexa Engage allows the collection of rich first- and zero-party data that can be pushed to your existing systems for data enrichment. When creating an interactive campaign in Ibexa Engage, brands can access the GDPR toolbox, to make sure that their campaign is compliant and ticks all the necessary boxes.

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