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Empowering businesses with seamless content management and unforgettable digital experiences. Enjoy our Headless CMS, fully customizable, API-first
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Manage Any Content. Anywhere

Reduce the amount of time and money your business invests in the administration, distribution, and personalization of digital content with our enterprise World-class Headless CMS.

Operate across various channels thanks our API-first approach, deliver personalized content quickly and efficiently to your customers, simplify collaboration to streamlining content distribution, ... Ibexa Headless enables you to focus on important aspects of your marketing operations and helps you derive great value from your content.

Our Headless CMS makes working across multiple channels, markets, and languages easy, effective, and affordable.


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World-class CMS

Whatever are the content you want to update, Ibexa Headless offer you a world-class CMS with all the essential features to manage your content: centralized repository, taxonomy, integrated search, translation, URL management and more.

Collaboration workspace

Our CMS empowers individuals to bring their best and work together. From personalized workflows to advanced permission controls for improved security and quality control, Ibexa Headless transforms the content creation process.

Headless and API-first

Ibexa Headless, API-first CMS, facilitates omnichannel delivery. Consume the API from any client (React, Vue, Angular), mobile apps or even IoT devices, using REST or GraphQL. Use Ibexa Connect to extend and automate your processes.

Future ready DXP

More than a CMS, Ibexa Headless is a future-ready DXP which integrates by default many features (PIM, Search, DAM, Integration & automation, personalized catalogs, etc.) which helps accelerate your digital transformation.

All the capabilities you need to offer great experiences to your customers!

Ibexa DXP software is designed to provide your business with all the features, functionality, and support you need to transform your business for the digital age. With a focus on giving you the tools to create, shape, and manage the customer journey, as well as every touchpoint within it, the platform is a holistic and comprehensive solution for your most pressing business needs.

Intuitive Management for All Your Content

Content comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you're updating product information, producing blog posts, or revising your legal documentation, The centralized repository in Ibexa Headless is designed to provide you with one-stop access to all your content.

Integrated search, translation, and localization features ensure you can find, adapt, and manage content via one simple interface. 

  • Manage a wide range of content types and formats, including marketing content, editorial content, product information and specifications, technical documents, and other digital assets
  • Navigate hierarchical content in Ibexa’s Content Tree and search for content using our internal search engine, content tree or taxonomy organization 
  • Bookmark favorited content for easy retrieval and editing
  • Automate translations and tailor content to specific international markets.

Discover the power of an API-first system

By employing an API-driven design, Ibexa Headless facilitates delivery across multiple channels (split between Content API and Display layer) while also allowing for greater developer flexibility and easier scaling.

Because Ibexa DXP is headless, it offers a strong full-API to access but also edit content and all other objects/features available using the last protocols REST or GraphQL. The benefits to use Ibexa Headless are endless:

  • Utilize a scalable content repository that’s capable of holding millions of content items
  • Benefit from an API-driven design that allows for easy integration with other digital systems and tools 
  • Use Ibexa Connect (IPAAS) to integrate and automate your processes without technical skills, in a node-low approach, to take advantage of your data in a very agile and time-to-market way.

Collaboration Is Easier Than Ever

Efficient collaboration depends on your employees having the right tools and technologies at their disposal. Our Content Management System empowers individuals to bring their best and work together as a close and coherent team, no matter where they are in the world.

From personalized workflows that enable editors and other content creators to work in the way that most suits them to advanced permission controls for improved security and quality control, Ibexa Headless transforms the content creation process.

  • Give your writers, editors, designers, and marketers a space in which to interact and collaborate, allowing for complete transparency
  • Customize workflows to suit your team and automate scheduling so that all stakeholders are on the same page
  • Restrict permission to publish, ensuring no content reaches your customers until it’s ready to do so.

Discover why our customers love Ibexa DXP

Discover all the different ways our customers are using Ibexa DXP to centralize, simplify, automate and create impressive digital experiences.

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