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Hamarikyu Kensetsu Plaza 5F
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Tokyo, Japan 104-0045
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Dentsu eMarketing One

Since its establishment in 2004 as a marketing partner of the Dentsu Group to achieve the "innovation of sales", Dentsu eMarketing One is helping to fix the marketing challenges faced by our customers.

With areas of activity that span the entire series of marketing processes, from marketing strategy development, program planning and implementation measures, creating systems that utilize the technology, and effective validation, etc., Dentsu eMarketing One provides a one-stop service that links all of these processes organically.

As one of the most powerful engines for promoting the marketing process, we are actively developing services using Ibexa DXP, including everything from consulting on its installation, to implementing and maintaining Ibexa DXP.

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In a world all about delivering excellence in digital customer experiences, you can build new revenue opportunities, create memorable experiences and turn your clients into digital champions with Ibexa Digital Experience Platform (DXP).