Collaboration Workspace

Collaborate in real-time with your team, make changes, and review content for a seamless content creation process
Collaborate in real-time, make changes, and review content for a seamless content creation process. 
Track and manage content versions, revert to previous iterations, compare changes, and view modifications.
Customize content approval processes to guarantee quality and compliance for your peace of mind. 

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Smarter collaboration and review processes  

The feature allows teams to review content with ease and provide feedback within the platform. Leave comments, suggest changes, and engage in discussions.

Improved collaborations enhance the content creation process, delivering higher quality content and more satisfied stakeholders. 

Version control for your peace of mind

Users and teams can track and manage content versions efficiently, compare changes, revert to previous iterations, and keep a clear history of all content modifications. 

With an efficient content version control you can expect to see greater integrity and accuracy and smoother rollbacks in case of errors or unintentional changes.


Streamline and customize workflows

Customize approval workflows for different types of content. Define specific approval stages, assign roles and responsibilities, to ensure content follows the appropriate review process. 

Adapt workflows to your unique business and industry needs, adhering to content compliance, regulatory guidelines, or aligning to company policies before sharing with the outside world.

More control with security and permissions  

Administrators can set permissions and grant specific users or groups appropriate levels of access to content to maintain data integrity, and protect sensitive information. 

Control who can view, edit, or publish content to ensure that sensitive content is protected whilst maintaining data privacy. Reduce the risk of accidental or malicious alterations and adhere to regulatory requirements and internal policies. 


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