Integration and Automation (iPaaS)

Integrate and Connect Ibexa DXP with more than 1300+ Business apps. Automate your processes, save time and provide better online experiences.
Video overview of Ibexa Connect
No-code workflow builder, connecting you with over 1,300 standard apps with the option to build custom connectors. 
Benefit from pre-designed templates, parallel scenario executions, and versatile data manipulation and storage features. 
Empower teams with distinct roles, maintain real-time operational control, and ensure a smooth and accurate execution. 

Try Integration & Automation with Ibexa Connect for Yourself

Integration made easy

Experience a new level of integration with Ibexa Connect. The platform offers a no-code visual workflow builder, making it a breeze to connect apps with a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface.  

Need something more unique? The platform supports the creation of custom connectors, enabling you to craft bespoke apps tailored to your needs. Plus, the ability to watch your data flow in real-time ensures you're always in the know. 


Seamless automation capabilities

Streamline and automate even the most complex business processes. Our templates gallery sets the stage, providing an array of predesigned workflows to get you started.  

The system's flexibility shines with features like parallel scenario execution, ensuring multiple tasks run simultaneously without a hitch.  

Additionally, comprehensive data manipulation tools and aggregators are available to refine and structure your data just the way you want it. Store crucial data within the system and trigger processes smoothly with HTTP/Webhooks for a seamless operational flow. 

Greater control and monitoring

Keep a close eye on your processes and ensure that everything is on track. With Ibexa Connect, it's all about team collaboration:

  • Define teams, assign team roles, and oversee each member's contributions  
  • Delve into the execution history to review historic tasks and actions
  • Identify, rectify, and ensure processes run smoothly, guaranteeing optimum results with in-built error handling functionality

Connect over 1,300 business apps

Elevate your digital experience with Ibexa Connect. With access to an extensive suite of over 1,300 apps available on the Ibexa Connect marketplace.

Whether it's streamlining CRM and sales processes, enhancing commerce and communication strategies, or managing files and documents more effectively, there's an app tailored for your needs.  

Dive into the realms of robust marketing tools, efficient survey and form applications, comprehensive HR management systems, and productivity boosters. With Ibexa Connect, the possibilities are endless and catered to every facet of your business operations. 

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