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Empowering businesses with seamless content management and unforgettable digital experiences. Enjoy our Headless CMS, fully customizable, API-first.
Manage large volumes of content effortlessly with a user-friendly interface
Distribute engaging content seamlessly across various digital channels thanks to our Headless API-first approach.
Scale up your digital presence with flexible customization options and adapt the platform to your specific needs.

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Intuitive content creation

By separating content creation from content presentation, a headless CMS simplifies the content creation process.

The intuitive, user-friendly interface makes it easy for content creators, editors, and marketers to work efficiently without the need for extensive technical knowledge.

Ensure consistent cross-site formatting and styling with predefined templates and speed up the content creation process with visual editing and manage all media from one central hub.

Multi-channel publishing

Distribute personalized and engaging content seamlessly across various digital channels, ensuring a consistent message and brand experience across all touchpoints. 

Schedule content publication to reach your target audience at your preferred date and time and optimize delivery for different languages, platforms and devices including websites, mobile apps, social media platforms and more.

Thanks to our API-first approach (using REST or GraphQL), use Ibexa Headless as a central repository to create mobile apps, business software or even IoT devices, using REST or GraphQL.


Streamline workflows

Accelerate time-to-market for content and ensures a smooth and collaborative content creation process across the organization.

Versioning means content creators have full visibility of edit history between team members.

Customize workflows based on their unique content management requirements. Define content approval processes based on roles and permissions, track progress, and setup automated notifications and reminders, reducing the need for manual interventions and the risk of bottlenecks.

SEO and analytics tools integration

Optimize content for search engines, setting meta tags and descriptions, add custom URLs for each page (or product) and manage URL mapping and redirects.

Integrate third-party SEO tools to enhance search engine optimization capabilities tailored to your SEO strategy.

Scalable and flexible

Designed to adapt and grow with the changing needs of businesses, its modular architecture and features support seamless expansion, integration, and customization without disrupting existing workflows.

Ibexa Headless supports both cloud-based and on-premise deployment to suit different business infrastructures and can scale-up performance to manage increasing demands without compromising on speed or stability.

APIs allow developers to extend its functionality or integrate it with other applications, giving businesses the flexibility to address specific needs.

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