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Ibexa Digital Experience Platform (DXP) helps B2B companies to transform traditional sales strategies into frictionless buying experiences
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QNTM Group acquires Ibexa: Building the leading DXP in Europe

Look what just happened! Ibexa is joining the QNTM Group. QNTM is a leading ecosystem of companies offering expertise, software and technology in the digital experience space and we are so pleased to be on board!

This is a natural next step for Ibexa. It is going to accelerate our focus to build an even more powerful DXP product for our users and will fuel our ongoing scaling and expansion. 

Our Technology Platform - Ibexa DXP

A modular digital experience platform to help you succeed in your Digital Transformation

Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)
Ibexa Content

A multichannel, headless Content Management System (CMS) designed for marketing and self-service apps. Tailored for organizations who need to create content hubs and deliver content to any channel. Ibexa Content enables you to easily structure and deliver targeted campaigns and personalized content across all your channels, at every stage of your customers’ journey. 

Ibexa Experience

For customer-centric organizations who want to go beyond content and create frictionless, outstanding experiences for customers, members, and partners. Go from concept to execution with speed and agility: create localized and multi-brand websites, customer portals, partner portals and event sites in just a few clicks.

Ibexa Commerce

Accommodating all steps of a B2B customer journey, from customer awareness to purchase and beyond – Ibexa Commerce enables you to explore the full power of Ibexa DXP. Implement new, digital revenue models by transforming the way you do business, including digitalization and automation of business transactions.

Ibexa Cloud

Enable your development team to deliver more efficient development-to-production processes. Ibexa Cloud is an end-to-end cloud hosting platform with streamlined back-end infrastructure and services for your Ibexa DXP implementation.  


Ibexa DXP Stack (Application Engine, Content, Experience and Commerce)

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