Corporate Account Management

Manage both user and business accounts. Essential B2B functions such as role adjustment and address management. Define specific workflows and actions.

Available in

Create, edit, and manage corporate account and member information with ease
Send invitation emails to new members individually or drag and drop a list to invite in bulk
Optimize your sales organization : define customer groups and the sales rep in charge, setup custom workflows

Try Corporate Account Management for Yourself

Comprehensive member management

Empower team dynamics for both internal teams and your external customers and their teams with our intuitive interface.

  • View, adjust, and manage member statuses and roles effortlessly
  • Streamline your team's configuration, editing crucial member details as needed
  • Seamlessly onboard new members with a versatile invitation system, catering to both individual emails and bulk invites 

Efficient invitation and onboarding system

The intuitive refined invitation system within Ibexa DXP ensures:

  • Straightforward email invitations, each equipped with a unique registration link
  • A centralized overview of all pending invitations
  • Resend invitation emails through the Invitation tab with ease 

Adaptive address management made easy

The address management feature within Ibexa DXP allows both internal users and portal users to: 

  • Update and add new shipping addresses with ease.
  • Modify the default address in the Address Book section
  • Ensure simple, efficient, and precise business operations

Extend Ibexa DXP and define custom processes

This is the beauty of Ibexa DXP. Not only do you benefit from a large catalog of ready-to-use features, but you can at any time extend its native operation to develop your own business processes.

For example, need to set up validation of ecommerce orders starting from a specific amount? Extend Ibexa DXP to create a specific workflow. Other ideas? Explore the potential of Ibexa Connect to automate your business processes.

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