Headless CMS

Focus Mode

Enable editors and marketers to concentrate on their core tasks with a simplified interface tailored for clarity and ease of use.
Enhance editorial efficiency by focusing on information that is only relevant to your line of work and omit technical details that would distract.
Quickly access the right content thanks to instant previews directly from the content tree.
Select your site context to simplify your work and boost your productivity by seeing only the content items that belong to the selected website.

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Enhanced Content Interaction

Focus Mode redefines content management, emphasizing the most relevant information for editors (such as hiding technical information). It simplifies the content structure (dark mode for content tree) within Ibexa DXP, making it more accessible and engaging, particularly for new and non-advanced users.


Seamless Content Preview

Offering previews in various contexts, Focus Mode ensures that editors can quickly and efficiently review content, enhancing productivity and content accuracy without navigating away from their current task. View full screen previews from the content tree without fully opening the item to quickly identify relevant content that requires further attention.

Select the site context you are working on

Thanks to the drop-down list accessible from the top bar, change the site context (the site you're working on), and see only those content items that belong to the selected website. This is particularly useful when managing multiple websites.


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