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Create impactful websites or landing pages that convert, without technical skills, in minutes.

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Build and edit your website without any coding experience with our simple drag-and-drop functionality. 
Create pages within minutes thanks to our range of customizable default templates, or design your own. 
Launch personalized landing pages to boost your targeted marketing campaigns, reducing time to market. 

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Create custom pages in minutes

Create an attractive site or high performance landing pages in minutes, thanks to the drag-and-drop features, without any technical skills or coding experience in just 3-steps: 

  1. Select your layout  
  2. Choose your components  
  3. Enjoy the results 

Page Builder is a user friendly (no code), content-oriented editor, designed to maximize productivity whilst providing you with more freedom.


Save time with default content blocks and shortcuts

Whether you choose one of our default content blocks or build your own, we guarantee that creativity will be your only limit!

Simply drag-and-drop blocks to customize the number of columns and horizontal spaces, banners, forms, catalogs, products, videos, text, and so much more. Design your perfect layout and achieve your goals with Page Builder.  

Save time with Ibexa DXP’s shortcuts, undo/redo buttons, duplicate block feature. Reorganize your page in seconds with the structured view and move up/down buttons

Update and preview your page in real-time 

Make amendments in the front-end environment and see the changes in real-time. These rapid iterations allow you to experiment with various design, content, and functionality tweaks to optimize the user journey.

You can also preview your pages for tablet and mobile devices to ensure that the page is optimized and fully functioning on each device for your peace of mind. Use the scheduler to preview your page for future publishing.


Boost your campaign performance 

Page Builder is the ideal tool to create landing pages for your marketing campaigns. The user-friendly tool allows you to create variations of your landing pages in minutes. 

Furthermore, you can activate Ibexa's personalization features and provide unique landing pages for each visitor based on their individual attributes, segments, and behavior to improve campaign performance!  

Make plans and changes in just one click

Display a member only promotion on your landing page or reduce the price of your products or services to a select group of customers to reduce churn. You can do both with Page Builder!

Publish multiple pages at the same time, release new product pages, modify pricing pages, or launch new landing pages for your campaigns in the click of a button. 


Easily Integrate services with our sister companies

Ibexa is part of the QNTM family, and our DXP is built to work with the services provided by them. So whether you are already using Actito for customer onboarding, Qualifio for customer engagement and loyalty, Seen This for streaming ads or Raptor CDP, you can be confident Ibexa DXP will work flawlessly with other QNTM group solutions. 

But that's not all; with Ibexa Connect you can integrate over 1300 Apps (and counting!) seamlessly.

Page Builder - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Page Builder?

Page Builder is included with Ibexa Experience and allows you to build and manage pages on your website using layouts, zones, and blocks using a drag and drop which means that no technical or coding skills are required.  

Does Page Builder have any specific front-end limitations?

On the front-end, Page Builder has no specific limitations. The system is designed to work with minimal markup in the template source code. Developers must annotate their zones and blocks with standard HTML data attributes. Based on this data, Page Builder can pick up the pieces and allow drag-and-drop editing of blocks and layouts. 

Can we expect regular design refreshes?

Over time, new requirements will appear, and new blocks and layouts can be created, or modified. As the content is decoupled from the templates, design refreshes can be rolled out with ease. 

Which blocks are available by default with Page Builder?

We are adding more and more blocks to enhance Page Builder across the different versions of Ibexa DXP. Currently, there are over 20 blocks are available including: Banner, Catalog, Code, Collection, Content List, Content scheduler, Dynamic scheduler, Dynamic targeting, Embed, Form, Gallery, Last purchased, Last viewed, Personalized, Product collection, Recently added, RSS, Targeting, Text, Video and more...

Is Page Builder compatible with Responsive Design?

Yes it is! You can access a preview of your page for all available devices including tablet or mobile at any time. 

Should I use Page Builder for everything?

It is possible, but we don’t recommend it. Page Builder is a tool, and like any tool is built for a certain job. Where the Page Builder shines is with highly dynamic pages where you need control over the content to create a narrative. But not all pages on a website fit this model. Many parts include much more structured data that needs to be repeated between pages, like News for example.  

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