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Design, deploy, and manage online forms effortlessly

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Create online forms without technical skills with our simple drag-and-drop functionality. 
Export form submissions quickly and easily as a CSV file to import into other systems.


Once built you can place a single form in multiple locations throughout a website.



Try Form Builder for yourself

Design, deploy, and manage forms easily

Transform user engagement on your website with Ibexa's intuitive Form Builder. Design, deploy, and manage online forms effortlessly, all while enhancing user interaction.


Enjoy a user-friendly Interface

At the heart of the Form Builder lies its user-centric design: a drop zone for crafting, a toolbar equipped with diverse form fields, and straightforward save and navigation buttons. Editors can harness 14 in-built fields like Input, Checkbox, Dropdown, and more to sculpt their desired forms.

Constructing a contact form is effortless, simply drag requisite fields from the toolbar, place them into the drop zone, and arrange them according to preference. Each field is tailored to collect precise information, backed by validators like required fields, pattern matching, and size constraints. Even the submit button field is adaptable – from its label to post-submission actions like message display or redirection.

And for global outreach? Forms are fully compatible with multilingual sites.

View, filter, and export form submissions 

Every submission is easily accessible under the "submissions" tab in Ibexa DXP. Editors aren't just limited to viewing.

Filter user responses by language and even export them to CSV formats, for further analysis or for import into your own CRM, ERP, or MAP


Automate with Ibexa Connect

Eliminate the need for manual CSV exports with Ibexa Connect. Create workflows to automatically submit data to other systems, such as your own CRM or ERP System.

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