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Customizable Dashboards

Boost productivity by highlighting business and activity data coming from the DXP. Use Customizable Dashboards to help you in decision making.

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Create custom dashboards that work for you, with customizable widgets and layouts designed to bring efficiency and focus to your daily tasks.
Elevate your workflow with quick access to the most used areas and tools, prioritizing content and tasks that matter most.
Leverage dynamic dashboard elements for real-time insights, helping in decision-making and streamlining your work process.

Try Customizable Dashboards for Yourself

Make it personal

Personalize your dashboard to align with your daily tasks and priorities, utilizing a selection of default widgets (Recent orders, Orders by status, Quick actions, My content, Review queue, Recent activity, etc) that highlight crucial data and insights. This level of personalization is designed to enhance decision-making and productivity by ensuring the most relevant information and tools are always within reach. Personalize further with your own business rules.


Create your dashboard in minutes

With the dashboard builder, you can intricately customize your workspace. Whether you choose one of our default blocks or build your own, we guarantee that creativity will be your only limit!

This tool allows for the addition, arrangement, and management of elements like widgets and blocks, tailored to your specific workflow needs. The Dashboard Builder's user-friendly interface includes drag-and-drop functionality for effortless block management.

Advanced Permissions for Tailored Access

Manage dashboard customization with flexible permissions, ensuring users can create and edit dashboards according to their roles and needs. This feature guarantees that customization capabilities are securely distributed among team members, with granular control for administrators.


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