Campaign Management

Publish Later

Take complete control of where and when your content blocks are visible to your predefined audiences for your peace of mind.

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Schedule personalized content to reach different user groups at optimal dates and times to boost performance.  
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Turn specific content pages and blocks on and off to meet the needs of your marketing campaigns and promotions. 


Boost engagement levels with 24/7 tailored content to specific segments based on user behaviors and preferences. 



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Display and hide content in seconds

Identify the dates and times of your marketing campaigns and promotions and schedule the visibility of specific pages or content blocks on and off.  

This capability supports new product launches, campaign start and finish dates, and time limited offers and promotions which may differ by specific customer groups, or geographical times and locations. 

Look to the future...

Publish Later features combined with Page Builder allows you to show all changes that will happen to the page in the future.

You can use the slider to preview what the page will look like at a given time; an incredibly powerful feature to manage efficient marketing campaigns.

At any time, you can access the list of all upcoming changes and anticipate all your publications. No more rushed campaign launches!

Full visibility of all scheduled content

Ibexa DXP includes an intutive calendar interface, giving an overview of all content scheduled to be published, as well as information on the type of content. So whether it is a news story, a blog, product page or even a 'limited promotion' content block, calendar view gives you full visibilty. More information on this is available in 'Schedule Content Publication'.

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