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Multilingual Content Management

Elevate your global communications with Ibexa DXP's advanced Multilingual Content Management
Reach and cater for specific markets and regions with translations for your cross-channel content.
Experience an intuitive translation process, enriched by optional automated translation support. 
Collaborate with numerous content translators simultaneously, without overwriting modifications. 

Try Multilingual Content Management for yourself

Dynamic translation capabilities 

Experience a world of linguistic flexibility with Ibexa DXP. Generate multiple translations for each content version, ensuring the default always remains intact. 

With our Multilingual Content Management tool you can support up to 62 languages by default. Now you're equipped to cater to audiences on a global scale. 


Enhanced language and interface support 

Navigate Ibexa DXP's user-friendly translation interface with ease. Personalize your experience by setting language preferences for the admin interface.

But that's not all, you can also add new or custom translations as your business grows and you enter new markets.

Automate Translations 

With Ibexa DXP, you can benefit from a suite of AI powered translation tools. Leverage tools such as DeepL, Google Translate or integrate with other third-party services to ensure your message resonates appropriately with your audience.

Additionally, the built in special character set support embraces diverse linguistic intricacies, making sure no nuance is lost. 


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