When content is the core of the customer experience

Ibexa Content

A multichannel, headless Content Management System (CMS) designed for marketing and self-service apps
Ibexa Content
  • Create engaging, scalable digital experiences for multiple audiences
  • Manage all types of content and deliver content to any channel
  • Deliver targeted campaigns and personalized content to your users

Ibexa Content is tailored for organizations which need to create content hubs and deliver content to any channel. From commerce and marketing websites to mobile apps, IoT devices, and more; Ibexa Content enables you to easily structure and deliver targeted campaigns and personalized content across all your channels, at every stage of your customers’ journey.

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Key Capabilities:
Supports all types of content

Manage and Deliver Your Content in a Streamlined Way

Manage all your content types in a unified, well-organized, and secured content repository:

  • Marketing/brand content
  • Editorial content 
  • Product information & catalogs
  • Specs & documentation
  • Legal and technical documentation 
  • Rich media
  • Digital assets
  • Structured content.
Managing structured content with the Content Tree
Team efficiency and productivity 

Faster & Better Content Collaboration 

Spend less time on administrative tasks – focus on delivering high-impact content that truly generates results. Content production is usually a team effort. Ibexa Content enables different business teams to collaborate on all types of content across business areas, markets, and locations. The collaboration tools included in Ibexa Content streamline the collaboration processes for creating, distributing and managing localized and global content. 

  • Quick reviews 
  • Version control and version compare 
  • Content calendar
  • Production workflow
  • Granular custom user permissions to manage access, editing, and publishing.
API-driven Headless CMS

True Digital Cross-channel Content Management

Traditional Content Management Systems (CMSs) often provide only one context for presenting content – usually a web page. Ibexa’s DXP products are ‘headless’, which means that your content is not coupled to a particular output/ channel (like web page rendering). Instead, your content is provided as data over an API (Application Programming Interface) for smooth content delivery to multiple channels. With a headless CMS you will also benefit from more developer flexibility, easier scaling, and enhanced security.

  • Decoupled content presentation
  • Integrate any front-end framework (Jamstack, Gatsby, etc.)
  • Digital signage, IoT, interactive TV and more
  • Speech to text & text to speech
  • Native app and business app integration.
Other Features:
User management

Granular user permissions & roles

Manage multiple teams and users with granular user permissions and custom user roles. Customize content access based on language versions, brand, job function or more. Restrict publishing permissions to streamline quality control processes for large teams.

  • Granular permissions editing for better user management 
  • Custom user roles
  • Integrate existing SSO identity providers & User Directory for secure user login
  • Custom admin user roles.
Content discovery

Simplify complex content & brand assets

Simple, intuitive search options save time for your team when working with large content repositories. The Ibexa DXP Content Engine is used to manage content architectures built with millions of content items, thousands of taxonomies, and dozens of hierarchical levels. 

  • Easily navigate & view hierarchical content using the Content Tree
  • Browse the Content Repository with the Universal Discovery Widget 
  • Bookmark content items you use frequently 
  • Fast content search with an internal search engine (Solr or Elasticsearch based).
Automated content workflows

Streamline content production

Editorial workflows let you define and automate tasks within your content production and publishing processes. Work efficiently with writers, editors, designers, and other stakeholders to streamline content review and feedback, and publish with a robust quality assurance framework. 

  • Customizable workflows
  • Instant notifications
  • Automate scheduling and unscheduling
  • Automated translations.
Multi language

Simplify global & local content management

The Content Engine makes it super simple for different teams to manage global and local content with multiple language variations. Content localization and translation enable teams to create and organize translations in seconds.

  • Simple translation interface
  • Automated translation (optional add-on with third-party services)
  • Users can set their UI language preferences.


Easily manage multiple brands sites and language versions with the same solution.
Scaling and security

Scale your content operation 

Ibexa Content is designed to be scaled in line with your business and your brand, with potentially millions of content items for multiple brands and channels.

From managing vast numbers of documents or product content to complex Content Trees and extensive taxonomy, and many content types, the Content Repository provides a secure, scalable solution for your current and future content.


Scale your content operations across multiple digital channels and complex brand architectures with a single solution.

Integrate with all your systems

Ibexa Content can be integrated with your existing systems without heavy development thanks to its numerous APIs and extension points. It can not only deliver content to existing front-end systems and applications, but also work hand-in-hand with other applications and services.

  • Use our DAM connector framework to integrate and synchronize your content with assets managed in your DAM solution
  • Connect our translation services with your preferred translation API, Google Translation Service is provided out-of-the-box
  • Integrate with ERP, PIM, or other business systems to retrieve sensitive product information
  • Expose your content through REST and GraphQL APIs to make it available to any application.
Ibexa Personalization

Treat Every Customer Like a VIP 

Delivering great customer experiences includes more than just creating outstanding content. Every customer journey is unique; therefore you must cater for each user’s interests, preferences and needs. Deliver highly relevant content or product recommendations – in the right channel at the right time – to individual users with Ibexa Personalization. 


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