Superpowers for Your Marketing to Transform Customer Experience

Superpowers for Your Marketing to Transform Customer Experience

Transforming Customer Experience has become a major objective for all companies today, in B2B as much as in B2C, large or small, in every industry and every country. And to create memorable Customer Experiences, it's all about content. Your operation needs to be able to do three things:

  1. Create content at scale for every touchpoint of the customer journey.
  2. Create content with speed to react to constantly changing market conditions.
  3. Create "memorable" content, or remarkable content, to maximize the engagement with your customer.

All this usually falls within the responsibility and ownership of the Marketing team who is in charge of creating, collecting, organizing, curating that content.

That's a lot to ask for a team which might not be heavily staffed. Here, good content technology is key to ensuring the marketing team can overcome these challenges, reach its objectives, be empowered and deliver its best. Here are five capabilities that we brought to Ibexa DXP that can really help empower your marketing team:

1. Automate and schedule your content operation

In Ibexa DXP, you can schedule when content shall be published and visible. You can go beyond simply setting a publishing date (which most content management systems can do). You can schedule how content will be shown in all your pages and websites by programming how your different pages will behave in the future - which content pieces they will show, and how they will show it, from design to content itself.

This is all about automating web pages management, be it front pages, landing pages or any type of web page.

For example, your team has a vacation or a busy period coming up. It can program all changes on your web properties in advance. Which content should show up at which time, but also which content should retire at which time.

Benefits for your marketing team: it can anticipate, prepare and program content ahead of time and feel confident that all content operations will go as planned.

Benefits for your business: you don't have to keep a team on the deck at all time. You'll gain increased productivity, better employee satisfaction and, most importantly, you'll deliver the mostengaging customer experience.

Ibexa DXP Calendar

2. Avoid navigating blind when building personalized pages and experiences

The days of digital experiences being a one size fits all are long gone. Digital experiences have now to be personalized. Depending on whom your visitor is, you'll adapt the experience to make sure it is relevant. This is a lot about personalization, and this is not a new feature in Ibexa DXP.

Late last year we (in version v3.2) added to our personalization toolkit a small, yet compelling, feature that will give the Marketing team more control and will build this feeling of empowerment: the Segment Preview.

Being able to personalize is good but it can be hard when you can't preview what the end-user will see. It's just like navigating blind, and unfortunately, that's what happens in most solutions.

In Ibexa Experience's Page Builder, marketers now have a very simple way to not only target different visitors with different content, but also to preview all pages for the different segments or personas that are targeted, for all types of devices.

This way, they can have full control over how the pages will render to all the different visitors. This targeting preview capability can work based on segmentation done within Ibexa Experience or based on external segmentation, for instance, through a Customer Data Platform.


Personalization preview

3. Create experiences without having to involve IT at every step

When interviewing digital marketing team of all kinds, a common pain point is that they often have to depend on IT and developers to implement their ideas. This often leads to the exact opposite of empowerment.

It can create too many barriers to bring ideas to life swiftly - due to time, skills, budget, communication or other constraints. It feels like there's always something in the way to ultimately prevents them from success. And it feels like it should not be that way, and it shouldn't!

There are undoubtedly many things that should remain in the scope of IT and Engineers for good reasons (think about security, personal data processing, transactional data); there are many others that can be handed over to give the Marketing team independence and agility. We've been working on such things, and will continue in the future to provide more and more business agility to our customers!

Site Factory, which launched with Ibexa DXP version 2 is a compelling example. Now marketing teams can launch new websites without involving IT, whether they are mini-sites or campaign pages or full-blown sites. They do so based on site skeletons which are blueprints of sites, and it’s easy to do in just a matter of minutes without involving IT.

The User Interface and the resulting User Experience is catered towards business users so that marketing teams and other business units can simply take control of the operation without having to ask IT for their help.

There are many more examples where we have moved tasks previously owned by IT to the business teams, and we will keep working in that direction with Ibexa DXP V4.

Empowering the marketing team, a must to digital success

These are just examples but they all tell the same story: it's not about Technology but it's about Experience. With the right experience, you can empower your Marketing Teams as well as every other team involved in your Digital Operations, and empowered teams can work wonders. It requires a bit of planning and governance but once your Digital Experience Platform is in place, your digital operation can fly.

If you wish to see in action how Ibexa DXP can help Marketing Teams work wonders, feel free to reach out to one of our solution experts for a free consultation.

Photo by Miguel Bruna on Unsplash

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