Previewing Ibexa DXP’s New Headless PIM Feature and Capabilities

Previewing Ibexa DXP’s New Headless PIM Feature and Capabilities

With Ibexa DXP 4.1’s rollout date rapidly approaching, we’re excited about the release’s fantastic range of fresh updates. At the top of the list of additions to our industry-leading Digital Experience Platform’s integrated PIM, is our new Headless PIM feature. Designed to further improve your ability to deliver world-class customer experiences across all digital channels, it gives you greater control over the way you store, structure, and share product information.

With Ibexa DXP 4.1 scheduled for release on May 11, we’re hosting an in-depth webinar on May 12 that will cover all the ways our new Headless PIM solution helps you leverage your product data. We hope to see you there (you can register here or via the link at the bottom of this post)! 

In the meantime, here’s a preview of Ibexa integrated PIM.

The challenge of complex product catalogs

Companies in the B2B sector regularly sell a considerable number of products, many of which can be bought in an endless array of variations. This results in a remarkably complex product catalog that often features thousands - sometimes millions - of unique items. Structuring and storing these products efficiently and cost-effectively is difficult enough. Displaying them through online channels, utilizing the information and documentation attached to each product, and processing purchases is even more challenging. 

This is all further complicated by the fact that different products are only relevant for certain markets. A top seller in one country may not sell at all, or even be available in another.

This means many companies sort their main catalog into several product catalogs, each aimed at a different market or demographic. Likewise, the large number of channels available to digitally-minded businesses means companies need to be more versatile and agile in the way they display and distribute product information.
Headless PIMs - a powerful, practical solution to B2B product complexity

This complexity is problematic for organizations that are increasingly shifting towards digital sales channels. It demands a modern technological solution that mitigates that complexity and transforms it into a strength. It demands a modern, digital tool that allows you to sell the complex range of products your customers require in a simple and streamlined way. That solution is a Headless PIM. 

Ibexa integrated PIM’s new headless features ensures it is decoupled from any specific channel. Instead, you can expose products  (and all their associated details, documents, and information) to any, and all, digital (and physical, such as web to print) channels. Effectively, the headless PIM feature liberates your product catalog from the restrictions that traditional means of publication impose on it. Your business is now free to display and sell your products through any digital sales point be it an app, a kiosk, IoT device or other.

Facilitating specialized, structured content

The platform empowers you to structure that data in the way that’s most valuable to your organization. Business owners can establish product types, each of which is accorded characteristics that apply to every item within that product subset. Similarly, every product is given customizable attributes that allow you to accurately and precisely define the item. From product dimensions to the materials used in its construction, Ibexa integrated PIM  gives you total control over how you describe products and organize your product data. It facilitates intelligent and efficient storage of your product information and enables you to input or migrate millions of products to a versatile and customizable database.

Liberating your product library

While the way Ibexa integrated PIM  enables you to structure content is an important feature, it’s the platform’s headless design that will prove most beneficial to many businesses. Using REST and GraphQL, it gives you the power to promote your product library to any other technology that communicates via these APIs. The beauty of the headless approach is that your product catalog is now compatible with almost all digital channels.

Guaranteeing complete catalog versatility

As Ibexa DXP’s PIM  utilizes both REST and GraphQL APIs, it guarantees excellent performance in both web-based channels and mobile applications . It also reflects the fact that the one-size-fits-all approach does not apply to the B2B sector. B2B businesses require customizable solutions that meet their specific needs.

Enrich product information with Ibexa content

Ibexa integrated PIM benefits from excellent integration with other Ibexa DXP features and functionalities. In a commercial environment in which high-quality content is an increasingly essential aspect of successful brand-building, the ability to merge PIM functionality with content creation and distribution is extremely valuable.
It empowers you to enrich your PIM product data with extra editorial content. Likewise, it enables you to create more engaging content using product data from your PIM. 
Ibexa DXP 4.1 and our Headless PIM coming soon!

Flexibility is at the heart of everything we’ve tried to achieve with Ibexa integrated PIM. Our Headless PIM solution empowers you to use your product catalog in the ways that most benefit your business, via the channels that contribute most to your sales. It overcomes the limitations of traditional PIMs and gives you absolute control over the way you build, structure, and utilize your product data. In the process, it improves your ability to offer first-class customer experiences across all of your digital channels.

If you would like to find out more about Ibexa integrated PIM, join us on the May 12 for our in-depth webinar. You can sign up for the event below. If you have any other questions regarding our Headless PIM solution, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. If you would like to learn more about Headless CMS in general, head over here.


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New Headless and Omnichannel Capabilities

Watch the recording of our product release webinar for Ibexa DXP v4.1 where our product management team presents Headless PIM, with which you get greater flexibility and independence to leverage production information as you want.


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