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Website management  

Website management is the collection of processes used to ensure your website is professional, up-to-date, and functioning as intended. It encompasses general maintenance, security, and long-term development of the website, as well as organizing your content delivery and marketing strategy.

At its most basic, website management involves the following tasks:

●    Performing maintenance
●    Implementing design updates
●    Planning and delivering content updates
●    Implementing marketing strategies
●    Guaranteeing website security
●    Providing web support to staff and customers
●    Planning for future growth in both domestic and international markets
●    Achieving a consistent user experience across channels
●    Ensuring content can be reused in various contexts

Website management refers to a set of practices and techniques. However, we also often talk about website management systems. These platforms provide businesses with the tools they need to effectively manage their website, deliver powerful customer experiences, and develop and distribute content.

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Why is website management important?

Now we understand what web management is, it's time to consider why it's important for B2B companies. Beyond the obvious fact that every aspect of business success depends on effective management, we believe there are several convincing arguments for why website management matters.


Prepare for future growth

The decisions you make today affect the way your business grows tomorrow. Adopting effective website management tools and practices now is the best way of ensuring you’re ready to scale your business in the future.

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Websites need to evolve

Web pages aren't static and unchanging. They're constantly being updated and evolving. Successful businesses are always making changes and creating and distributing new content. Without proper website management, these processes quickly become complex, challenging, and costly.

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Mistakes and downtime are costly

Poor management results in problems with your website. It’s that simple. If you don’t keep things in order, it will soon catch up with you. Problems are expensive to identify and fix, while serious issues can lead to your website going down - a disaster for any business but especially those with a strong e-commerce presence.


Efficiency is cost-effective

One of the key advantages of digital technology is how efficiently it performs essential business processes. It can save companies an incredible amount of time and money. Website management technologies and techniques help you cut costs by streamlining critical processes and facilitating more efficient collaboration and work practices.

How can you begin to improve your website management?

Improving your web management practices doesn't need to be complicated or expensive. There are several simple steps you can begin implementing immediately. 

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Choose a Content Management System

One of the first steps in improving your business’s website management is finding a Content Management System (CMS) that meets your business needs. A good CMS allows you to refine and improve your customer journey, deliver high-quality content across your channels, and plan and launch new websites and marketing campaigns with far greater ease.

Ibexa DXP offers precisely this kind of functionality. Ibexa Content is content-focused and provides the tools your business needs to manage content delivery across multiple channels.

Ibexa Experience expands on Ibexa Content’s capabilities and is designed to help your business create and manage new websites and online resources for different markets, audiences, or brands. 

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Identify and prioritize problem areas

Parts of your website are probably well-designed and healthy, while others require a little love and attention. When first approaching website management, it's essential to prioritize. What is your most pressing concern? Is there an obvious place to start? Are development processes taking too long? Are you finding it difficult to scale? Is distributing content across all channels too time-consuming?

By identifying those areas that need urgent attention, you can begin to develop solutions more quickly. Working on these problem areas also tends to maximize benefits to your business and results in the greatest ROI. These are the big wins, rather than marginal gains.


Always think about growth

While it's important to focus on the present and the day-to-day realities of business, you also need always to keep one eye on the future. This is particularly important as you build your digital systems, as it's easy to set yourself down a path that doesn't work out and is difficult and costly to extricate yourself from. 

To prevent this, it's a good idea to look at tools and technologies that allow for easy scalability and don't lock you into significant initial investments. It's why we've designed Ibexa DXP to be modular. It enables you to build and develop digital systems on your terms, at your own pace, without a high up-front cost. 

Ibexa DXP’s Site Factory and replication features are also useful in this respect. They enable you to create and replicate sites, pages, and templates for use with new brands or in new markets. This guarantees a uniform user experience and brand consistency across all channels. Ibexa DXP's ability to manage multiple sites in multiple languages enables you to easily expand into new locations. 

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Draft a content schedule 

Finally, you need a plan for how you're going to create and distribute online content. Think about your aims and objectives for each piece of content and look at the long-term, too. What are your overall marketing goals, and how does your content contribute to you achieving those goals? 

Throughout this process, SEO analytics will play a significant role, as will personalization tools. Content is at its most effective when it's targeted well, so take the time to understand your audience demographics and cater to their preferences.  

Our editors are able to manage content on landing pages without help from IT.
David Görges
Head of New Media/CRM

Why Ibexa is your ideal choice

Ibexa is ideal if you want to begin transforming your business but don't want to commit to a large initial expenditure. Based on a modular design, Ibexa DXP ensures that you can add new capabilities when you need to. This also implies that you can integrate Ibexa ContentIbexa Experience and Ibexa Commerce with your existing systems and harness the advantages of having an interconnected digital ecosystem. 


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