The Stages of B2B Digital Transformation and Sales Strategy Digitalization

Today's blog post is an infographic that coincides with our virtual event’s launch today. Ibexa Engage 2021 with the theme of How to Future-proof Your B2B Sales Strategies, takes participants through the typical stages we see B2B companies go through in their digital transformation process.

We see these as:

  • Build your digital brand and content operation
  • Improve your existing sales channels
  • Diversify your sales channels
  • Transform your business and business models.

The infographic gives an at-a-glance holistic view of these stages for you to consider when advancing your digital transformation, in particular, for the effect it has on sales. The pandemic has forced many B2B companies to react fast to stay relevant and answer the high expectations of their customers by transacting their businesses digitally. The stakes are high, you need to be agile and adapt your sales strategies for the next normal.

And whatever your next normal looks like...we believe digital is your way forward. 


It’s not too late to sign up for Ibexa Engage which we have in four languages:

German: Today at 2pm | French: June 24 | English: June 29 | Spanish: September 30.

(Even if you do register after these dates, you will get access to the on-demand videos and a wealth of post-event resources.)

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How managing product information and content combined with commerce is essential for B2B success

Ibexa Methodology: The Five Steps to Digital Maturity

In this e-book we show how B2B businesses can transform realistically, step by step. And, as we take you through these phases we highlight the functionalities of our platform that are instrumental in helping you capture more and more of the granular complexity of how you do business.

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Ibexa Methodology: The Five Steps to Digital Maturity

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