Ibexa posts record H1 results and appoints Bertrand Maugain as CEO

Ibexa posts record H1 results and appoints  Bertrand Maugain as CEO

DXP vendor’s “B2B-first” strategy pays off and moves forward with a change in leadership

Oslo, Norway, July 19, 2022: Ibexa, the B2B Digital Experience Platform (DXP) vendor has delivered record results for H1 2022 driven by its clear strategy to help B2B companies with their digital transformation in a stepwise process and by strengthening its Partner ecosystem. The past six months marked the beginning of a new growth spurt and expansion for Ibexa, when the company joined the QNTM Group late last year.

40% Growth in New Sales

The first half of 2022 has seen results exceed expectations. While Ibexa has been hitting records quarter after quarter over the past two years, H1 2022 shows a marked leap with a resulting 40% increase year-on-year in new sales. “We have experienced a market pull coming from a clear product-market fit in Europe”, says Bertrand Maugain, new CEO at Ibexa.

“It’s fantastic to see the traction in the market and enable B2B companies to deal with the complexities of their business models in this challenging post-Covid era. These results prove that the market understands the value of a DXP dedicated to B2B.”

In the same period, the average customer lifetime has raised from 7 to 8.5 years which is far beyond industry standard. This underlines that Ibexa DXP has also strategic long-term impact and future-proof innovation in B2B digital transformation.

CEO change and 50 new colleagues

In order to sustain this growth and add to the great pool of talent at Ibexa, an ambitious hiring plan (in R&D and Sales & Marketing) will grow the number of employees by 50% in the next 12 months. In addition, a change in leadership took effect on July 1, with Bertrand Maugain (who has been working at Ibexa since 2004) taking the mantle as the company CEO, while former CEO, Morten Ingebrigtsen, continues his tenure at Ibexa and becomes SVP Product & Strategy.

“The R&D investment in our platform over the past five years – we have doubled the size of our engineering team - has really paid off. We have successfully developed a modern cloud-ready platform that is both composable and with an “all-in-one” approach. Our partners can leverage it to implement faster and higher quality DXP projects while our customers can transform their business step by step at the right pace in line with their digital maturity . We will keep innovating to keep our edge in the B2B sector, it is now all about execution across R&D, marketing and sales together with our strong network of dedicated partners,” says SVP Product & Strategy, Morten Ingebrigtsen.

Reinventing complex digital selling

What can you expect to see from Ibexa DXP? R&D investments are made to strengthen what makes Ibexa DXP best at transforming complex selling experiences (with complex products and processes) with the perfect combination of rich marketing content, product information, personalization, e-commerce and portal capabilities.

“Our API-first and component-based approach is a fantastic foundation to accelerate development in our technology. I can’t wait to see Ibexa DXP with a CDP as its heart in few weeks and with key innovations when it comes to interoperability and e-commerce. We have a lot of exciting capabilities to reveal soon" says CEO Bertrand Maugain.

Ibexa is planning a strong marketing push and an even stronger commitment to its partners. “Our 100% co-marketing and co-selling model with partners is the key to our success. I’m immensely proud of our achievements this year and confident in our long-term strategy as we build an even stronger company going forwards with our best-in-class B2B DXP.” concludes Maugain.







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