Ibexa and partners at DMEXCO 2023 recap

Ibexa and partners at DMEXCO 2023 recap

What better way to kick off Q4 than by attending Europe’s leading digital marketing and tech events to showcase Ibexa DXP? Alongside four of our fantastic DACH partners, we spread the word about empowering digital experience within the B2B environment. During the event, we spread our inspiring message: Create experiences. Grow digitally. Lead the future.

Not only were we exhibiting alongside our trusted partners Intentive, Logic Joe, OMMAX, and schoene neue kinder, but we also held two masterclasses. For those of you who were unable to attend the event or would like to recap on some of the main takeaways and learnings from each of the sessions. 


Masterclass 1: The Role of Digital Experience Platforms in Successful B2B Digital Transformation

On Wednesday, 20 September, we were delighted to take to the stage alongside our platinum partner OMMAX. Ingo Hofmann, Partner Manager for the DACH Region at Ibexa, and Sven Vörtmann, Tech Partner from OMMAX, presented a masterclass entitled: The role of digital experience platforms in successful B2B digital transformation.  


During the presentation, the pair stressed the need for B2B companies to embrace digital transformation by overcoming common obstacles. The first is to establish a clear vision and set concrete goals before initiating digital projects, with an initial emphasis on strategy over technology.  

It was explained that the B2B landscape has evolved from a linear customer journey to a dynamic, diverse, and complex decision-making process, an environment in which B2B customers now demand convenient, personalized, fast, consistent, and memorable experiences that can be accessed from anywhere.  

The strategy first, technology second approach was recommended, and whilst DXPs were recognized as the technological champions for the digital B2B transformation process, they should be seen as the enablers once a strategy is in place. Sven and Ingo encouraged businesses to seek DXP technologies, which were scalable, secure, customizable, and capable of delivering personalized experiences through modular architecture as offered by the Ibexa DXP to reduce the risks and alleviate the concerns associated with digital transformation projects.  

Overall, the masterclass highlighted the critical role that DXPs play in achieving successful digital transformation in the B2B sector. We discovered valuable insights into the strategies and technologies required to meet evolving customer expectations and business challenges.  


Masterclass 2: Beyond Functionality: The Growing Importance of Brand Experience on B2B Websites  

Thursday, 21 September, our second masterclass got underway, which was co-presented by Stephanie Kawan, Partner Manager for the DACH Region at Ibexa, and Michael Kirchberger, Managing Director at schoene neue kinder. 


The pair kicked things off with a rather fitting quote from American entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker—Jim Rohn: 

“Success is neither magical nor mysterious. Success is the natural consequence of consistently applying basic fundamentals.” 

In a packed masterclass room, Stephanie and Michael presented the findings of the B2B website analysis conducted by schoene neue kinder. As part of the B2B Website Report, 50 B2B websites were analyzed from the perspective of potential customers and employees. The results clearly indicate that the majority of the examined B2B websites have significant room for improvement. 

So, what makes a B2B website better? Stephanie and Michael shared several recommendations, including some best practices related to product showcasing. These recommendations emphasized providing the quickest path to products based on the target audience's needs and refining search intent. They also discussed best practices for optimizing conversions, enhancing customer retention, and creating a strategy for customer expansion. 

The presentation concluded by emphasizing the role of DXP as a technology enabler for exceptional customer experiences. This encompasses digital brand consistency, an enriched digital offering, and enhanced digital sales strategies. The most successful websites are those that strike a perfect balance between the digital customer experience and cutting-edge technology. 


Navigating the Customer Journey: Insights from the BVDW Guided Tour 

Ibexa participated in the guided tour organized by the Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft and themed around the Customer Journey. Chérine De Bruijn, representing CORPORATE KITCHEN, expertly guided attendees through this enlightening journey, making a notable stop at the Ibexa booth. 


The tour emphasized the importance of considering the Customer Journey holistically in the digital universe, extending beyond traditional websites. This perspective aligned with our partner Logic Joe, who emphasized maintaining consistency in customer journeys, even when expanding into customer portals and B2B commerce across system boundaries. 

OMMAX, another featured partner of Ibexa, shared insights into enhancing customer experience through personalized interactions and elevating the customer journey to new heights. 

Ibexa's contribution to the tour focused on the concept of a DXP as a central hub that seamlessly connects all aspects of the customer journey, enabling personalization, content delivery, e-commerce, data gathering, and more. 


Ibexa's Contest: A Wheel of Fortune 

Ibexa brought a spark of excitement to the DMEXCO with a contest. Visitors to Ibexa's booth had the chance to spin the digital wheel of fortune, and the grand prizes were none other than two sleek electric scooters! 


Let's give a big round of applause to our fortunate winners, Aicha Maakoul and Moddar Al Khadra. They both walked away with brand-new electric scooters. 

We'd like to extend our sincere gratitude to all the attendees who dropped by our booth and participated in our contest. Meeting each one of you and exploring the boundless possibilities of Digital Experience was truly fantastic. 


What’s next? 

Ibexa's journey through the DMEXCO and the OMR Festival 2023 was just the beginning. We're gearing up for another exciting year ahead, with these fantastic events on our radar. But that's not all – there are numerous other events happening in the DACH region throughout the year, and we're eager to keep you updated on our participation. 

Stay tuned with Ibexa—be part of our Ibexa journey, and together, we'll shape the future of digital transformation. Follow us for all the latest updates! 

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