Observatory of the Bogotá - Cundinamarca Region

A reference point for data-centric initiatives in the Colombia public sector
Ibexa partner

Aplyca is an international web development firm specializing in complex DXP development and operations with headquarters in Bogotá, Colombia. The firm specializes in providing digital agencies and development partners with expert DXP talent for client projects. Working with Aplyca enables agencies to streamline their development and operations capabilities and allows agencies to add value with Ibexa DXP through an expert nearshore DXP partner.

The Bogotá Chamber of Commerce created the Bogotá Economic and Social Observatory as a way to track, analyze and communicate the key trends in social and economic development of Bogotá and its neighbouring region. 

The site is powered by Ibexa with a heavy data-centric model that combines data visualization and rich content in an engaging and mobile-friendly manner. The solution gives a team of editors a wide array of tools to choose how information and data are best combines including a variety of charts, highlighted figures, trends and content. The solution also provides an entry point to the Open Data and GIS (Geographical Information Systems) for more advanced users. 

The observatory has become a reference point for data-centric initiatives in the Colombia public sector for the breadth of data and digital experience quality. 

The site is part of the Bogotá Chamber of Commerce multi-site installation and was developed by Aplyca, an Ibexa Platinum Partner.