DELABIE taps into the power of Ibexa
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  • DELABIE had an analogue, print-based culture but a new generation of buyers expects an eCommerce-like customer experience
  • Online footprint expanded from two to nine sites; from two to 10 languages
  • Product managers used to use Excel to modify content with changes uploaded once a month
  • Overnight uploads slowed down the site, affecting the Hong Kong subsidiary

Project Summary

  • The website was migrated from eZ Platform to Ibexa Digital Experience Platform
  • Backoffice was rebuilt and functions like a PIM
  • Search function was overhauled to allow for much greater customization
  • UK site was integrated into Ibexa DXP; others to follow

Business Benefits

  • Product management is centralized on Ibexa 
  • Editors can change product content in real time
  • The multiple language sites are integrated with new back office
  • PDFs can be generated on the fly
  • Production managers have much more autonomy to make changes on the site
  • Site visitors encounter a modern, adaptable and eCommerce-like experience

What used to take a month to update on the DELABIE sites now takes minutes

Ibexa partner

Experts in Open Source digital engineering, Codéin supports companies in the structuring, design, development and maintenance of their digital ecosystems: web apps, editorial sites, multilingual, multisite, e-commerce, sites factories, business applications and more. Codéin also has expertise in BI, Hosting, Digital Marketing, SEO and UX/ UI Design.

Manufacturer’s digital footprint extends to nine sites and 10 languages

The French manufacturer and European leaders of taps and sanitaryware wanted a digital profile that met the expectations of the modern B2B buyer and in 2020 migrated its site (which was originally on eZ Platform dating back to 2015) to Ibexa Digital Experience Platform to achieve that.

The new back-office functions as a PIM, one that is intuitive for editors to use as they orchestrate all marketing activities from a single platform, in a single voice – in real time. For DELABIE’s B2B customers, the site is more than ever a real working tool with all the information they are looking and enables them to import a wealth of content to their own catalogs and sites.


DELABIE’s B2B audience is also well-served by Ibexa. Product searches and filtering are more personalized, and results can be stored in a data sharing functionality that allows seamless imports into customized catalogues for DELABIE’s users such as distributors or architects for example, who recommend DELABIE’s products as part of their designs.

Download Success Story