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Unify and leverage customer data and deliver an insightful and personalized omnichannel experience with our customer data platform
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Know Every Customer Individually  

Today's businesses need to deliver significant value from access to consistent customer data and gain the capacity to create more authentic, targetable, and personalized customer experiences. Providing clients with personalized customer experiences is now essential to meet the high demands of customers' ever-changing behavior. Ibexa CDP brings all your customer spread across all your different systems by breaking down data silos and bringing together the data into a unique and utterly structured Customer View.  

With its machine learning and analytics, Ibexa CDP can identify your customer's unique requirements, preferences, and buying patterns, giving you all the necessary information to reshape and personalize your customer strategies. It allows you to transform customer data into workable customer knowledge and enable a proper 1:1 personalized omnichannel marketing. 


Create New and Dynamic Audiences  

Ibexa CDP gives you the power to understand all of your customers and to distinguish between segments of dynamic audiences. Powered by accurate and interconnected data enhanced by machine learning and AI, our platform comes with a potent Audience Builder that enables you to incorporate your business logic and define much more influential audiences.  

Building the right audience is vital to defining and delivering personalized customer journeys that solve real customer problems while meeting their requirements and expectations. Based on unified data streamed from all your touchpoints, audiences can be used through several activation channels such as your CRM, marketing/ advertising tools, email, website, social media, and others. 

More Leverage for Ibexa DXP

We understand the value of a frictionless and genuinely unique customer experience. However, we also know it is not enough to pool all their different data. We must know how to consistently apply that data to every customer engagement. To take advantage of Ibexa CDP, companies need effective and seamless orchestration. By connecting Ibexa CDP and Ibexa DXP we can provide customers with the best of both worlds. 

While Ibexa CDP focuses on collecting, unifying, and structuring customer data resulting from all the different customer touchpoints - CRM, POS systems, call centers, social media, etc. Ibexa DXP focuses on delivering diverse and personalized digital experiences to every customer. Both platforms enable you to transform traditional sales strategies into frictionless and customized buying experiences with exceptional data support to refine and improve those experiences. 

Changing the Game for the Entire Company 

 Ibexa CDP is a tremendous support system for better business decisions by providing and operating valuable insights according to several organizational levels (business, tech, strategic and operational), delivering a data-driven framework for B2B companies to accelerate their digital transformation. 

It complies with corporate rules and regulations, enabling different stakeholders to have meaningful conversations and work together around a unified data source with a standard set of goals and a cohesive customer strategy. It is the perfect source of truth for the entire company supporting every business decision.   



Adoption and Pricing

Discover how to adopt Ibexa CDP and you can leverage Ibexa DXP
by combining both tools.  


Adoption and Pricing

Discover how to adopt Ibexa CDP and you can leverage Ibexa DXP
by combining both tools.  


Learn more 

If you'd like to learn more about our Customer Data Platform – Ibexa CDP, you can find a more detailed guide here  and check out a Preview of Ibexa CDP and our v4.2 Product Release.

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