OMMAX Named Ibexa Partner of the Month for May

OMMAX Named Ibexa Partner of the Month for May

As a pioneer of a holistic and strongly data-driven consulting approach, OMMAX has established itself as one of the leading European strategy consultancies for sustainable digital innovation since 2011. With a team of over 300 digital experts at four locations (Munich, Berlin, Hamburg, London), the Munich-based company has successfully implemented over 2,000 digitalization projects for more than 500 clients. By combining extensive industry knowledge with outstanding technological expertise, OMMAX develops tailor-made digitalization solutions for customers from a wide range of SME sectors. Through its innovative platform “OMMAX Advisor & Expert Network”, OMMAX enables leading digital strategists, decision-makers and investors to regularly exchange ideas with thought leaders from science and research.

“We build digital leaders,” says Sven Vörtmann, Partner Tech, “and we do that by supporting businesses through the entire digital journey from advisory to digital strategy and execution, where our technology team brings it all to life, often with the help of Ibexa DXP.”

OMMAX partnered with Ibexa in 2021 to make solution delivery a broader and more explicit part of the value chain it creates for clients.

“Unlike other vendors, Ibexa is only a phone call away,” says David Schlindwein, Director Tech. “They are not some faceless technology provider far away in the background – instead, Ibexa gets actively and closely involved in what we do.”

OMMAX is our Partner of the Month for May.

It was the relationship, as much as the technical capabilities of Ibexa DXP, that quickly landed the partnership its first project: a DACH-based manufacturer with a global presence and an annual turnover well in excess of €600 million.

This project showcases the strengths and business models of both OMMAX and Ibexa.

“We specialize in delivering rather holistic DXP projects, often including multiple brands, markets, and business units,” says Vörtmann. “We are a go-to partner for complex digital trajectories requiring a holistic, strategy-first approach and high-quality execution.

“Where Ibexa shines is in its ability to accompany the digital transformation journey of clients – taking first steps towards digital maturity and gradually scaling to deliver everything you need from a modern DXP. And this is what we did – and are still doing – with the manufacturer.”

So far, the project has involved the launch of a new website, rolled out in 15 markets. The DXP infrastructure was integrated with legacy systems, e.g. the manufacturer’s PIM has been connected with Ibexa Product Catalog to be able to access product information on demand at different touchpoints without decentralized content storage.

“This customer wanted all the bells and whistles—and liked Ibexa DXP because it could provide those with technical ease and an attractive Total Cost of Ownership. By opting for Ibexa, your infrastructure is future-proof in terms of technology and also regarding your business strategy requirements.”

Schlindwein was closely involved in an initiative to digitalize the patient journey for Evidia, a leading radiation medicine group in Europe. In the first month after go-live, more than 10,000 appointment booking clicks were realized through the new Evidia site.

“We also created a careers portal and developed a digital recruiting strategy. As a result work applications went up by 30 percent YOY – a really nice example of how consultancy and tech go hand in hand to create transformative outcomes.”

Not all OMMAX customers need a recommendation to choose Ibexa DXP – some approach the consultancy with an upfront demand that Ibexa be used for an upcoming project.

A big client from the financial industry had reached the end of the road with its Open-Source CMS and organized a software vendor comparison. “Once they had decided Ibexa was the best fit for them, they reached out to us,” says Vörtmann, “because we are one of just three Platinum Partners in the DACH space. They wanted a top-tier partner to implement their vision.”

Go-live of this site is imminent.

“The first phase of the project has been to bring all the bank’s workflows and content together in a new and modern design on Ibexa DXP. The client also went to the cloud for the first time, so this has also been a pretty big project.”

One huge trend Schlindwein observes in European markets is a continued drive to defragment digital landscapes after the disruptions and fast tech stack build-ups in the Covid years, especially regarding marketing solutions.

“The clients we talk to often want to consolidate their infrastructures and create operational efficiencies while improving the customer experience, boost lead generation, reduce churn rates and create business impact. That’s quite a big wish list and decision-makers often don’t know where to start. Also, they are scared to make a wrong decision.

“This is why Ibexa is often a perfect fit because of its composable and modular architecture. You don’t necessarily have to buy into a sophisticated suite of functionalities at the very beginning. You can start with the modules and functionality you need and take it from there. You can grow with the platform. You can scale together. So it’s this flexibility and modularity within a best-of-suite platform that can make Ibexa unbeatable.”

From the point of view of OMMAX, they appreciate the trust and transparency that Ibexa brings to the partnership.

“These are the first two words that come to mind,” says Schlindwein. “Ibexa is present and supportive as a vendor. The input we receive is relevant and always backed up by Ibexa’s readiness to do a demo, engage with the client, do a Proof of Concept – whatever we need to consult and convince a client. We like this closeness, and customers like it, too, because it gives them confidence. As I said earlier, Ibexa isn’t just a mediated presence but a name, a face, someone by your side whom you can contact and who will support you quickly. Whether that’s a hard differentiator is difficult to say but it gives Ibexa a lot of credibility.

“We enjoy our partnership with Ibexa,” says Schlindwein. “We closely align on joint marketing initiatives, from joint webinars to Masterclasses at big tech events. On May 7 and 8, you can find us at the OMR Expo in Hamburg, and we look forward to getting our joint message out there.”

“In the end, in every partnership there will be challenges to overcome and successes to celebrate. But it’s all about growing together and synergizing to create better outcomes for our customers and create real value for them. This is something that OMMAX and Ibexa are doing very successfully together,” concludes Vörtmann, “and we are looking forward to strengthening the partnership further in the future.”

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