Tech talk: 100% cloud native development using headless APIs and cloud IDEs

We're kicking off a series of short videos for developers working with Ibexa DXP. We'll share some insight into our products, showcase new capabilities of Ibexa DXP and provide insight into industry trends. In the first instalment of Ibexa Tech Talks we'll take a look at how development is moving from your local machine to the cloud.

Headless implementations decoupling the front end and back end is has been a strong trend in web development for years now. APIs and front end deployments have become completely cloud based, but development has continued to be done locally. An emerging trend is moving the entire development process online.

In the video below we take a look at how you can use Stackblitz on Vite to develop a simple headless implementation by integrating Ibexa DXP to Astro over GraphQL.

If you want to take a closer look, the full source code and a functional environment is available here:

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By Jani Tarvainen
02/12/2022 | 3 Min read
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03/11/2022 | 4 Min read
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03/08/2022 | 4 Min read