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Mugo Web based in Vancouver, Canada, is known around the world for its expertise in eZ Platform. We are the most active eZ contributors in North America and recognized leaders in the eZ Community, having developed sites in media, finance, education, healthcare and other verticals.

Global in practice and spirit, The Christian Science Monitor is an international news organization that delivers thoughtful, global coverage via its website, weekly magazine, Daily News Briefing, email newsletters and mobile site.

The Christian Science Monitor was transferring their daily print edition completely online, and in order to accomplish this, it needed to publish articles efficiently, intuitively and around-the-clock. They required multiple levels of editors and contributors to be able to add content across the site from a centralized location, without unnecessary steps or workflow.

Some of their challenges included dozens of editors, high traffic needs, high availability needs, constant pushing of new features and dynamic content.

Mugo Web helped the Christian Science Monitor dynamically grow and shape its content model, empower their staff and engage readers. They implemented new content displays, such as list articles, helped launch new sections, including their Monitor Breakfast area and created and improved dynamic layout blocks using Ibexa.

Ibexa's out-of-the-box functionality provided the answer to the areas lacking in their current content management system. Through a massive content migration (20+ years of content more than 500,000 articles) and customization of Ibexa's editing and workflow interfaces, Ibexa enabling more effective content organization and greatly expanded functionality on both the backend and front-facing site. In addition, their site is multichannel. Syndication scripts push content to Kindle and syndicators such as AP and Canwest.

The team members we work with at Mugo have demonstrated a high caliber of competency in the work they do, and it instills great confidence in us to know that we have such quality professionals in our corner. Their consistent delivery has helped us develop a fluid system for enacting change and improvements on our website. We certainly look forward to continuing this relationship!