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New portal in just four months
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In addition to a modern and user-friendly design and editorial Content Management System (CMS), the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) functionalities had to be second to none for this portal to succeed.

Project Summary

homeandsmart.de commissioned raumobil GmbH to create the new portal based on eZ Platform and built it in just four months. With thousands of articles, homeandsmart.de offers extensive information on connected living and showcases the latest trends and start-up projects.

Business Benefits and ROI

  • The portal gets 250,000+ page visits per month, with a ranking of over 1,500 keywords in Google’s top 10 results.
  • The interaction of the technical possibilities of the eZ Enterprise Platform with the editorial and marketing activities of the project team led to a remarkable 171% increase in visibility.
  • Structured storage of content, enables editors to fully focus on content.
  • Dissemination and variability of content - multisite publishing enables efficient implementation and customization of white label functionality.
  • Linking content - the ability to centrally manage and link content simplifies creation of themed worlds.
  • Integration of external web services - the eZ architecture enables easy integration of third party applications making the portal future proof for the implementation of additional features and business models.
Ibexa partner

raumobil GmbH was founded in 2006 as one of Shareconomy�s first Internet start-ups for Green Internet Solutions, sustainable mobility and resource sharing. As a service provider, raumobil designs and implements web applications, portals, mobile apps and SaaS solutions in the B2B and B2C area for its customers

Why eZ Platform?

For a long time, the Smart Home seemed an incomplete and elusive vision of the future but today it has become an omnipresent reality. The trend towards the networking of light, entertainment, heating and alarm systems in the home is accelerating and the market is in a state of change every day.

homeandsmart needed a dependable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) - eZ Platform to publish its ever changing content of articles, reviews, test results and blogs.

And, since the beginning of 2017, homeandsmart.de has been offering a comprehensive range of information and trends in the Internet of Things (IoT) and on the Smart Home initiatives on the German-speaking web. New products are scrutinized, analyzed and tested by its reviewers. The portal is independent, and is not linked to nor endorsed by any manufacturers or vendors.

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