eZ Platform 2.5 Migration Delivers Great Digital Experience


Already on eZ Platform v1, migrating to eZ Platform v2 Hibu could:

  • Follow the LTS (Long Term Supported) version
  • Benefit from a wider feature set
  • Fully support its new web design launch
  • Enjoy a better Admin UI experience
  • Migrate all the Landing Pages and Forms connected and synchronize with Eloqua.

Project Summary

Novactive by Nextedia worked with Hibu two years previously on the original deployment of eZ Platform Cloud. With Hibu’s reliance on block design and wanting to use rich media, Novactive helped them leverage the full potential of eZ Platform Enterprise.

Business Benefits and ROI

The marketing team is impressed by the improved speed of the admin interface and the new features that come with eZ Platform v2 such as editorial workflow, rich text blocks and content scheduling. Since the migration, Hibu has successfully redesigned its website and landing pages with rich media blocks and dynamic content.

eZ Platform is not just a CMS, it is a DXP - a set of functionalities working well together on top of the best PHP Framework: Symfony.
Sébastien Morel

Why Ibexa?

A leading provider of digital marketing solutions to local businesses, Hibu understands the importance of presenting itself online consistently, with a contemporary look and feel that is instantly recognizable and delivers a great digital experience. It engaged Novactive to deploy eZ Platform by Ibexa so that it had a CMS that would provide structure, streamlined editorial processes and workflow for its digital team.

When the latest Long Term Supported version of eZ Platform was released, Hibu re-engaged Novactive to ensure a seamless migration from version 1 to version 2. Building on the Symfony framework, the new version promised both a better editorial and developer experience. Hibu immediately saw the advantages of implementing an editorial workflow, a strong page builder, and the revised way to manage forms.

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