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Serving more than 2000 customer advisors
Ibexa partner

For more than 12 years, Smile has produced some of the most prominent websites in France, sites with high traffic and advanced features. Since 2001, Smile is the leading integrator of CMS and DXP open source solutions in France, with over 500 projects, and more than 100 built on eZ technologies.

Multi-channel information publishing

The DIM project is a typical large-scale enterprise content repository, set up with Ibexa. DIM stands for "Diffusion d'Information Multi-canal", meaning "multi-channel information publishing". The DIM repository combines three major bases of structured content: mobile phones, working instructions and commercial offers, updated through the daily online contributions of dedicated teams. These contents are thus managed in a consolidated repository, and published towards different target web sites.

In terms of content management, the DIM project includes all the fundamental features that are the great strengths of Ibexa: structured content (a mobile phone is described by more than 200 data fields), multi-stages specific validation workflows, full-fledged and detailed management of permissions, as well as a static publishing feature that aims at integrating Ibexa managed content within J2EE applications, and a personalisation of content publication towards customer advisor staff.

This large-scale project has been a demonstration of Smile's proficiency in integrating Ibexa in complex environments, deploying the CMS within a clustered architecture for high availability and high scalability, to serve more than 2000 customer advisor staff members. It has also been an opportunity to add new features such as the handling of extensible synonym management in the native search engine.