Choose the right plan for your B2B digital transformation.

Flexible solutions for any size of digital experience project.

All plans include the Application Engine, Content Engine, and Website Factory modules as standard. Choose the E-commerce and Personalization add-on options on top of your regular licensing plan.


from €100K/yr

60-minute support response


  • Add hosting with eZ Platform Cloud
  • Unlimited web servers
  • Unlimited content objects
  • Dev & staging environment 
  • 24/7 Online & phone support
  • Custom support seat package
  • Customer Success Manager

from €77K/yr

2-hour support response


  • Add hosting with eZ Platform Cloud
  • 5 web servers
  • Unlimited content objects
  • Dev & staging environment 
  • 24/7 Online & phone support
  • 20 x support seats included
  • Customer Success Manager

from €43K/yr

4-hour support response


  • Add hosting with eZ Platform Cloud
  • 3 web servers
  • Unlimited content objects
  • Dev & staging environment 
  • 24/7 Online & phone support
  • 4 x support seats included
  • Customer Success Manager

from €16,5K/yr

1-day support response


  • Add hosting with eZ Platform Cloud
  • 1 web server
  • Up to 25K content objects
  • Dev & staging environment 
  • 24/7 Online & phone support
  • 2 x support seats included

Standard eZ Platform DXP features

The standard features are included in every eZ Platform DXP licensing plan. View the full feature list >

Content Repository

Host any type of digital content with structured content across with multiple brand or sites architectures.

Headless or hybrid CMS

Deliver content to any front-end environment, from websites and portals, to mobile, apps, IoT devices and more. 

IT-free website editing

Quickly and easily build and edit web pages without IT support. Add content and forms with drag 'n' drop tools.

Workflow configuration

Improve team collaboration and speed up content production with custom workflows.

Multi-site & multi-language

Manage and generate multiple brand sites or localized sites in one solution with translation management and version control. 

Advanced user permissions

Set granular user roles and permissions to safely manage large projects with multiple or distributed teams.  

SEO optimization features

Features to optimize content across multiple channels for page performance.

Integrate with REST & GraphQL APIs

Extend your capabilities with highly flexible APIs. Integrate with your critical business systems for more seamless digital experiences. 

Licensing & service add-ons

eZ Platform DXP E-commerce
from €10K/yr

Build new digital sales channels and manage complex b2b buying cycles and optimize existing sales channels

+ Customize ordering and purchasing experiences

+ Content and commerce in one solution

+ Content Rich product information and catalogs

eZ Platform DXP Personalization
from €10K/yr

Maximize revenue opportunities with contextual, personalized web and digital experiences

+ Personalized content and product recommendations

+ Targeting based on user preferences or behavior,

+ Targeting based on content performance and more

eZ Platform Cloud PaaS
Contact us for quote

Scale your backend infrastructure by deploying eZ Platform DXP software with an eZ Platform Cloud hosting subscription

+ End-to-end hosting on your choice of cloud provider

+ Shared or dedicated deployments

Professional Services
€ Per project

Optimize your digital experience project and with tailored professional services and training.

+ Flexible enablement packages & consulting packages

+ Developer certification &  installation configuration auditing 

Licensing & Purchasing FAQs

As each project is different, it’s not possible to test all the features of the platform in an out-of-the box version of the software. We recommend booking a consultation with our sales team where they can help answer your initial questions  to better understand the scope of your project, as well as provide a product demo.

For larger projects, we can explore building proof of concept projects. Additionally, for developers who want to understand what building on eZ Platform DXP is like before starting a major project, we recommend downloading the open-source version of software. 

Using eZ Platform Cloud can significantly accelerate the way your teams can be operational.

By adding a hosting subscription for eZ Platform Cloud to any of the software-only plans, the eZ Platform software is bundled with together with underlying development and hosting infrastructure. This way both your software application and the infrastructure you require to host and manage it are provided by a single vendor, with one single contract cost.

This means IT or DevOps teams don't need to worry about hosting and maintaining any backend infrastructure for the eZ Platform DXP software installation themselves. Instead they can focus on managing and building better functionality for the software application itself. As a cloud infrastructure solution, your IT team retain full control in directly managing and developing eZ Platform software application, but with the ability to scale in the cloud instantly.

Yes, you can upgrade whenever you want. We’ll create a new annual agreement with the new hosting agreement included. If you’re already using eZ Platform Cloud, you can also upgrade to a higher tier plan with additional hosting capacity whenever you need.

Absolutely. You can enhance a new plan or top up existing licensing plans with add-ons, including extra network infrastructure and storage capacity, increased support seats and services, plus extra API calls for the Recommendation solution.

eZ Platform is built using an API-first approach, offering you a large amount of flexibility to integrate your DXP project with your other business systems and processes, such as CRM and marketing automation platforms, or ERP and supply chain management systems.

Whilst our technical team does not offer integration services, Ibexa has a global network of certified partners who are experts in delivering large-scale implementation and integration projects for eZ Platform DXP customers. Please contact us about finding a partner in your region.

There are a number of additional features only available as part of a paid enterprise license. This includes:

  • Multi-site and multi-domain management with the Website Factory 
  • Drag 'n' drop Page Builder tool & Form Builder tool
  • Workflow configuration for better collaboration
  • Advanced user management and permissions

Additionally, paid plans include advanced business user licenses, with support and maintenance services. Security fixes for software plans employ increased enterprise-grade protocols, whilst implementation projects are managed by a local certified Ibexa partner.

You can upgrade from the open-source software to a paid plan at any time, simply contact our sales team.

Whilst each installation of eZ Platform DXP can be used to manage projects for multiple brands and channels, a paid plan includes a single installation of the eZ Platform DXP software, (deployed on one or more web servers). If your project requires multiple installations of the software, please contact our sales team for further details about our VIP plan.

eZ Platform DXP licensing is usually offered as an initial three year agreement. After this, licensing reverts to a 12-month annual renewal. Our customers stay with us on average more than seven years. Contact a sales person if you want more information on the terms of our subscription.

A content object is a single item, consisting of any type of content managed and stored in the eZ Platform DXP content repository, like an image, article, folder, or other rich media file. Content objects contain associated data attributes, such as author, title, product description, etc. You’re able to create custom content types and define the different data attributes for that type.

A single content object can be used in multiple locations, e.g. the same image could be used in a blog, a marketing landing page, plus a product description in your e-commerce store, or a product listing in a product catalog. Content objects can have multiple language translations, which are counted as attributes of the original object, rather than new objects.

For your deployment, a web server is counted as a single software component responsible for serving the pages rendered by eZ Platform DXP; or delivering web services (such as REST or SOAP or others) via http protocols, through the Web or an internal network.

Web servers are identified by their network IP addresses, and only active web servers are counted as parted of your installation.

Even if you have very common requirements, no two DXP projects are exactly the same. with each software implementation being aligned to your business needs and technology requirements.

You project team should include developers, designers, and content producers to help reach your goals for all your different teams. If you require help with any of these areas of expertise we can recommend one of our global partners.