Speaker Lineup Announced for eZ Conference 2018

Speaker Lineup Announced for eZ Conference 2018

If you haven't yet registered for eZ Conference 2018, there's no better time than right now.

This year we're introducing some changes to our annual gathering. In addition to it being FREE, it will be a one-day only event, for an even more curated speakers selection.

We've released our lineup of speakers for the Content Track and Technical Track. Thank you to all who submitted speaking proposals.

Are you a developer? Don't forget we'll have a full day of workshops the day prior to the conference, on June 5. Workshop sessions will cover eZ Platform v2, eZ Platform Cloud and eZ Commerce.


Dominik Grau - Chief Innovation Officer, Ebner Publishing

A Roadmap to Becoming Your Customer's Information Hub

Learn how companies-even the most traditional ones-can transform themselves into digitally driven organizations that focus on customer experience.


Lars Eirik Rønning - VP Technical Services, eZ Systems

Working with Content on eZ Platform v2

Learn how to create content for a website using eZ Platform v2. You will walk away with practical knowledge of working with content on eZ Platform v2, including creating and editing various types of content, plus more.

Roland Benedetti - Chief Product Officer, eZ Systems

Personalization on eZ Platform v2

Personalization does not always have to be complex. Learn about the small steps marketers and editors can take to implement personalization features that deliver a lot of value. You will learn about relevance and interest, tags and taxonomy to categorize and segment, and explicit personalization.

Ania Hentz - Co-Founder, silver.solutions

Engage Your Customers with eZ Commerce

Using eZ Commerce, learn how to combine content and commerce to drive more engagement with your website visitors. Discover how to feature best-selling or last-viewed items, learn how to use sales banners and scheduled content, plus add content for special items-all with the goal of engaging your buyers and providing a memorable customer experience.

Oliver Dirr - Head of Web Development & Social Media, Landeshauptstadt München

How We Modeled a Tourism Portal with eZ Platform

Tourism sites are a little different from classic news sites. In tourism it's not so much about creating new content, but it's very much about improving and combining the existing, timeless content again and again. Learn how the official tourism portal for Munich used eZ to make their content multilingual, reusable and easy to combine. And hear about the benefits felt by their small editorial team-once content is created, it's very easy to manage.

Anne-Marie Feilberg - Director of Partnerships, Siteimprove

GDPR in the Digital World

The deadline for GDPR compliance is May 25, 2018. Are you an eZ Platform editor? Are you ready for GDPR? Learn how to use the Siteimprove plugin for eZ Platform to support your GDPR compliance process.


Andreas Hucks - Deutschland CTO, SensioLabs

Symfony Under the Hood

Andreas will help us gain insight into the inner workings of the Symfony framework. If you have used Symfony, but have never built a compiler pass, a cache warmer, or are wondering how exactly the container is built, this talk is for you.

Frank Dege - Co-Founder, silver.solutions

How to Extend eZ Commerce

eZ Commerce is eZ's new content+commerce platform. Frank Dege, Co-founder of silver.solutions will show the flexibility of eZ Commerce and how to extend the software in projects.

Alex Wilson - Principal Developer, Bluetel Solutions

What am I? Serverless Concept Mining

With tens or hundreds of thousands of articles, how do you organize content for your editors? And how do you present it to your users? Concept mining is a technique used to categorize content, and we can use it to solve these problems as well as opening doors for the future. Using the Serverless Framework and a little natural-language processing magic we can quickly and easily annotate our content.

Sébastien Morel - CTO/Head of U.S., Novactive

eZ Platform Cloud and eZ Launchpad: Don't Host, Don't Deploy, Don't Install: Just Code!

Learn what's involved in the process of launching a new web project-from starting with nothing to having a local development environment shared with your team using eZ Platform, Docker plus Platform.sh and more in just a few hours.

Extending eZ Platform v2 with Symfony and React (Presented by eZ' Lead Developer and Technical Product Manager)

eZ Platform v2 is out and the UI has been fully redeveloped using Symfony as well as libraries such as React. You'll learn to quickly and simply extend eZ Platform's UI to fit your needs and add your own features to the platform. This session will go through the major extension points in the application and how to integrate your code-be it Twig-based classic web pages or with more modern and more interactive React.js code.

Using eZ Platform in an API Era (Presented by eZ' Lead Developer and Product Manager)

The time for monolithic applications is far gone. Now developers are building solutions by assembling applications and services of all kinds and in all ways. In this session we'll focus on how eZ Platform embraces the modern way of building applications-from interacting its content repository service via the remote API, to integrating third-party services simply within eZ.

Check out conference.ez.no to learn more about the speakers and presentations.


Special thanks to our sponsors Novactive, Arithnea, Siteimprove, comwrap, Kaliop, Smile, SensioLabs and Symfony for their continuous support.

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