Nominations Now Open: The 2024 Ibexa Partner Excellence Awards

Nominations Now Open: The 2024 Ibexa Partner Excellence Awards

Get ready for an amazing experience in the picturesque city of Palma de Mallorca, Spain! We are thrilled to have a get-together with our partners during the upcoming Ibexa Global Partner Conference. The highlight of this conference will be the presentation of our prestigious annual Ibexa Partner Excellence Awards. 

But here's the exciting part: You can make your voice heard. Don't wait! Only a few weeks left to cast your votes for these prestigious awards. And guess what? We warmly welcome entries from Ibexa partners themselves. It's your chance to celebrate the perfection of digital experiences and applaud those outstanding partners, whether they shine from a business or technical perspective (or both). 

This year, we've introduced some thrilling changes to our awards categories. We have eight distinguished awards ready to honor our partners and their valued customers. You can submit entries for up to five of these categories. Feel free to choose one or submit nominations for all five—it's entirely up to you. The Ibexa Partner of the Year awards in all regions will be selected by an internal Ibexa panel of judges. 

The deadline to submit nominations is December 10, 2023. In early January, we will unveil the shortlisted finalists in each category right here on the Ibexa blog. The grand moment when we announce the winners will take place during the Ibexa Global Partner Conference on January 25 and 26, 2024. So, mark your calendars, and let's make this an unforgettable celebration of excellence together! 


Here are this year's categories, and you can submit nominations for the first five: 

1. IBEXA DXP AMBASSADOR OF THE YEAR: Honoring a company that has demonstrated unwavering support for Ibexa DXP through advocacy activities. These include innovative campaigns, blogging, active participation in the Ibexa community, and presenting Ibexa in podcasts, webinars, or events.  

2. BEST CLOUD PARTNER OF THE YEAR [Sponsored by]: Presented to the partner who has effectively harnessed Ibexa Cloud to accelerate their customer's development and deployment processes. 

3. BEST TECHNICAL IMPLEMENTATION OF THE YEAR [Sponsored by Symfony]: Recognizing a partner who has tackled complex technical challenges while successfully using the leading PHP framework.  

4. BEST INTEGRATION OF THE YEAR [Sponsored by QNTM Group]: This award acknowledges a partner who has seamlessly integrated Ibexa DXP with other business systems, especially Ibexa Connect, CDP, PIM, Commerce, and QNTM companies, demonstrating the composability of the solution and creating exceptional value for their customers. 

5. BEST CUSTOMER PROJECT OF THE YEAR: Recognizing an extraordinary project that has delivered a first-class customer experience using the Ibexa DXP. 

Feel free to express your thoughts, submit your applications, and vote for your favorite partner and project. 


The following awards will be determined by the Ibexa awards panel and are not open for nominations:  




The prestigious Ibexa Partner of the Year award will be conferred based on outstanding financial performance and the partner's ability to deliver extraordinary customer-centric digital experiences over the past year. This time, the award will be split by region to highlight notable contributions from partners in DACH, France, and on the international market. 

We extend a warm invitation to our partners to join the Ibexa Global Partner Conference on Mallorca. At the conference, you can gain insights into Ibexa's strategy for the coming year, become sales and tech certified, and gain inspiration from the customer stories. 

Moreover, the conference provides you with limitless networking opportunities to connect with the Ibexa team, QNTM companies, technology partners and Symfony, and your fellow peers. We hope to see you there! 

Mallorca, January 25 - 26, 2024

Ibexa Global Partner Conference 2024

In 2024 more than ever, Ibexa would like to take our partners on a two-day journey where they will be able to attend powerful presentations with updates related to the Ibexa Strategy, next products release, and dedicated tracks for developers and business people. 

Partner Conference 2024

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