Ibexa releases its most complete DXP with the mission to simplify complex marketing operations

Press Release January 2024
Ibexa releases its most complete DXP with the mission to simplify complex marketing operations

At the occasion of the Global Partner Conference in sunny Mallorca, Ibexa introduced in front of more than 200 partners their new major release:  Ibexa DXP v4.6 LTS. This release marks a strategic milestone for the company as one of the most feature rich DXP in the market.

Transforming complexity into high-quality customer experiences

Ibexa DXP v4.6 aims at boosting the efficiency of complex marketing operations. The vendor is known for its ability to handle complex digital transformation projects, with a speciality in B2B transformation. The combination of Headless Content management, DAM, PIM,and Advanced Commerce capabilities with a CDP at the heart of the platform enables the digitalization of the most advanced product or service offerings.  

Reveal your True-self

“This new release is also an invitation to all organizations who have a form of complexity in their way of doing business to embrace their complexity“ says Bertrand Maugain, CEO at Ibexa. "This is what makes them different and a simple digital presence is not enough. We aim to help our clients unleash their full potential and reveal their true selves”.

One of the most feature-rich DXP of the market

While Ibexa DXP v4.6 comes with many improvements related to UX, Search, Dashboards and Site Factory, the biggest news is related to a special mode of the DXP 100% dedicated to the marketer called Focus Mode.  

“Focus Mode allows marketers, even the ones operating in  complex environments, to have a simplified experience to get things done. It puts the focus on the content itself, allows fast navigation and boosts the orchestration of intense marketing campaigns” says Sylvain Guittard Director of Product at Ibexa.  

On top of v4.6 itself, Ibexa announced new capabilities that will be delivered during 2024

Ibexa Updates featuring AI, Real-Time Collaboration and Analytics

For customers using the LTS version, they will be able to benefit from new features on top of their Long Term Supported release in a SaaS like way. New capabilities have been demonstrated in Mallorca such as AI, Real-Time Collaboration and Analytics.

The power of QNTM Group with marketing add ons

New Marketing Addons have also been announced embracing the composable ecosystem of QNTM. Ibexa Engage by Qualifio will be included during Q1 2024 in Ibexa DXP to boost engagement & data capture via interactive content and campaigns.

Momentum for Ibexa and QNTM

This feature-rich release also marks the achievement of several years of growth at Ibexa, now part of the ambitious QNTM Group with 700 employees and 2600 customers.  

“We have a growth pace of more than 15% right now, our average contract value has grown by 20% and our pipeline by 50%” says Grégory Bécue, CGO at Ibexa, on the topic of Growth.  

With such an impactful release, Ibexa and its partners aim at keeping the accelerated momentum in 2024.

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