From Content to Business: Introducing eZ Commerce

From Content to Business: Introducing eZ Commerce

Last week at eZ Conference 2018, we introduced eZ Commerce, our new e-Commerce solution built on top of eZ Platform. eZ Commerce is an add-on that transforms eZ Platform Enterprise Edition into a full-featured platform to answer your e-Commerce and content management needs. Thanks to eZ Commerce, you can now build websites with eZ Platform that combine very rich and complex content with integrated commerce capabilities.

Why you might benefit from eZ Commerce?

At the age of customer centricity and when it's now crucial to ensure a streamlined user experience along the customer journey, many organizations are struggling with different technologies to get both their content management and e-commerce needs addressed. It is more important than ever to rely on a single technology platform to build your digital experiences-from engaging with potential users discovering your products and services to managing a delightful buying experience, and beyond. With the unified technology that eZ Commerce and eZ Platform offer, organizations can optimize how they build the customer experience from when they first engage with the customer to when a product or service is purchased and delivered. As a result, organizations increase engagement, deliver more personalized experiences and accelerate their sales. Let's dive deeper into the features that make this solution powerful but simple to use.

Top eZ Commerce Features

Unified site management

One of eZ Commerce's biggest strengths is that it is one single platform for both editorial content management and e-Commerce operations. No longer will you need to work with two different systems that do not integrate properly. This benefits the developer building your solution as much as the marketer and editor managing both the content and commerce parts of the buyer's journey.

Content rich product pages:

With eZ Commerce you can leverage eZ Platform's Page Builder capabilities and embed various types of content to your pages. For example, you can embed into your product pages different blog posts, articles, documents, videos and images. This allows you to keep your consumer engaged and on your website for an extended time period.

eZ Commerce dashboard:

Another cool capability that your marketers and editors will fall in love with is the eZ Commerce dashboard. It allows your team to track, analyze and assess sales performance for your bestsellers, last ordered products, top customers and pending orders. Marketers will be able to identify top selling products and craft a promotion strategy to continue to drive sales.

Frictionless checkout process

The top worry that most e-commerce businesses have is the gruesome journey a customer needs to take before he completes an order. Our goal was to create a frictionless checkout process. We want your consumer to have a fast and smooth checkout process from anywhere on your site. The fast checkout process reduces cart abandonment and allows you to focus on creating campaigns that promote your products.

Drag and drop product comparison

A trait that is valuable to generally every consumer is the ability to compare products. With the drag and drop product comparison feature you will be able to keep your customers on your website when they want to compare products, rather than going to outside sources. This feature is simple to use and allows your consumers to add products to the comparison list on a click of a button. They can then compare products side by side by just dragging and dropping them.

Unified search

Customers will be able to take advantage of our fast and easy-to-use search engine feature for both their editorial and e-Commerce sections of the website. In an instant, shoppers will be able to quickly find products, articles, documents, images and other media. This feature can also auto-suggest search results.

Personalized Customer Experience

Organizations will enjoy our personalization and recommendation capabilities brought by eZ Personalization, which can help generate more sales. This feature allows your business to deliver relevant and personalized content based on customer preferences and behaviors. Businesses can seamlessly provide targeted promotions that fit customers' needs. eZ Personalization is an additional cloud service that we offer on top of eZ Commerce and eZ Platform.

How will eZ Commerce benefit different stakeholders in your organization?

eZ commerce provides value for different stakeholders in an organization. CTOs and CIOs will be happy to hear that they can drastically lower operational costs as they will have one application that covers both content and commerce. Additionally, the application's performance will be faster since eZ Commerce is built on the Symfony full-stack framework.

On the other hand, a Chief Commerce Officers will be pleased that eZ Commerce helps them reduce shopping cart abandonment and improve conversion rates, overall sales performance, and naturally build ever evolving commerce capabilities faster and better.

Finally, marketers and editors will enjoy customizing and personalize content pages by dragging and dropping banners, blog post images and other types of content from one single tool. As a result, organizations will be able to increase engagement, boost their sales and build a loyal customer base.

Engineered by experienced e-Commerce and eZ Platform experts

eZ Commerce is engineered by for eZ Systems. is a software company and service provider who focuses on facilitating B2B e-Commerce for companies in technology-oriented industries worldwide. offers profound business process knowledge, a strong analytical approach and more than 18 years of experience in building e-Commerce solutions on top of eZ Systems technology. One of' core competencies is the integration of ERP, CRM and PIM systems with e-Commerce solutions to ensure a seamless user experience. If you are interested in scheduling a demo with one of our sales representatives, please fill out the form on this page.

If you have comments, questions concerning eZ Commerce, be sure to leave a note in the comments section below.

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