Brand Ibexa

As our product has evolved to meet the changing needs of our customers, our brand has also evolved.

Ibexa - A New Expression

Our brand framework is made up of core elements. It is important for us to let everyone to be creative and co-create, while maintaining a consistent look and feel of how we express the brand. 

Elements like our logo, color palette, and typography give us that consistency. These components work together to ensure our brand is recognizable every time it is used.

Photography and illustrations enable us to express situations and experiences that are familiar to us.They help us show concepts and express our digital world in a creative way.

Please note, these are brief guidelines, not rules and regulations. Use them creatively, but do follow them to stay 'on brand'.

Our Logo - It is All About Vibrance

Our logo is designed to inspire through its lines, geometric shapes and natural flow. The gradient in the logo shows the direction from the old to the new. It also creates a light system that brightens up both light and dark surfaces.


Download the New Logo

Get the logo files as AI, EPS, SVG, PNG (transparent) and JPG here.

Ibexa on pure white

Brighten up a Light Space

Our new logo was made for screens and digital first. It is intentionally vibrant, to create light on bright surfaces.

And Light up a Dark Space

It works well on dark surfaces, like your dark mode on the phone, browser or email client.

Ibexa on dark background


Our new brand colors give a nod to the long history with our old brand. We have always used orange and we will continue to do so. But, as we transform, we include new complementary colors.

We have added a more vibrant orange to our palette, as well as two supportive main brand colors that make up our vibrant gradient.

Our colors have a clear strong contrast with both light and dark backgrounds.


Get our colors

Download a set of color swatches here. ASE, LESS, SCSS.

  • Ibexa Orange
  • #ff4713
  • 255, 71, 19, 1
  • 0, 81, 89, 0
  • $ibexa-orange
  • Ibexa Red
  • #db0032
  • 219, 0, 50, 1
  • 5, 100, 76, 1
  • $ibexa-red/li>
  • Ibexa Jazzberry
  • #ae1164
  • 174, 17, 100, 1
  • 26, 100, 22, 11
  • $ibexa-jazzberry
  • Ibexa Dusk Black
  • #131c26
  • 19, 28, 38, 1
  • 99, 76, 55, 73
  • $ibexa-dusk-black
  • Ibexa Snow
  • #e0e0e8
  • 224, 224, 232, 1
  • 15, 11, 6, 0
  • $ibexa-snow

Examples of Use

Be Playful

Explore the new colors and be playful. The new gradient works well for lighting up any space and ensures the typefaces remain legible.

We can use the gradient, or any of the primary colors as a background.

Do not use too Low Contrast

Usability is key to ensuring everyone understands what we want to tell. Do not be too creative and explore ways that go against good usability principles.

Think about the user and keep contrast high.