An intuitive member portal with product catalog showcased online


  • Showcase Resah's product offers in an intuitive and easy-to-use portal that also allows Resah members to manage their accounts and contractual information
  • Restrict access to certain product information, documents, and pricing to Resah members
  • Improve communication between Resah and its members via a secure, private space.

Project Summary

  • Design and implement a public and private space for management connected to the Dynamics CRM and the Qualiac ERP
  • Establish a single repository where offers can be stored and administered by the various Resah departments according to their individual access rights
  • Transfer tender data, contract documents, accounts, and member contacts from excel files to the platform
  • Allow for independent design and management of the forms used on the platform.

Business Benefits

  • A dedicated tool that allows Resah to segment product offers and differentiate between members and non-members
  • Resah can manage members’ contracts and account details through the portal
  • Created a purpose-built exchange space for its members.
Ibexa partner

Coexya currently provides services to around 370 clients. In 2020, the company achieved an annual turnover of over €61.5 million. Coexya currently has around 680 employees based at its offices in Lyon, Paris and Rennes.

To reach this target, Coexya has developed an industrialised production model organised around specialised service centers that guarantee to customers the provision of proximity services, high-added value know-how, high production capacity and optimised economic approaches.

User friendly portal with member offers

Resah is a healthcare purchasing and logistics specialist that works with both the public and private non-profit sectors in France. Created in 2007, the organization expanded quickly and operated across the entire country by 2011. As a Public Interest Group (GIP), it coordinates healthcare purchasing for more than 7000 establishments and has built a network made up of more than 600 suppliers. More than 8000 users engage with its services.

As it grew, Resah developed two main organizational structures - a centralized public purchasing body with more than ten purchasing channels and a resource and expertise center specializing in purchasing and logistics. With such an extensive network of contacts, partners, and members, Resah needed a more comprehensive and capable means of providing them with information, managing contracts, and analyzing member behavior. To deliver this, Coexya, an Ibexa partner since 2006, was brought in to assist with the design and integration.

Resah and Coexya worked together to outline their goals and define what the solution should achieve. First and foremost, they needed a way of showcasing the Resah product catalog and promoting offers to members. They conceived this as an intuitive, user-friendly portal that would streamline the customer journey while allowing Resah to control and personalize what information, offers, and documents it released to its members.

To create a solid foundation for the project, Coexya hosted workshops for Resah’s portal team on UX/UI design, personas, web design, as well as functional and technical workshops.

Delivering offers and promotions to 8000 members

Resah’s user portal would feature a public space centered on the main catalog of central purchasing offers and a calendar of ongoing group-purchasing campaigns. It would also include a private space facilitating various member services and transactions. These services include processes like renewing subscriptions, allowing members to manage their own users and establishing an exchange space with Resah.

While the primary focus was to develop a portal that facilitated both content and service delivery, Resah also wanted to understand better how its 8000 members thought and behaved when interacting with the portal. To do so, the portal had to feature in-depth analytical capabilities. Resah would use these to develop and deliver personalized marketing materials and product recommendations in the future.

Ibexa DXP enabled Resah to create a single repository for its 63,000 product offers. These could then be administered depending on the permissions attributed to each of Resah's departments. This allowed for a more secure way of managing product offers and information.

To achieve its goals, Coexya had to develop a connector between Resah's CRM and Ibexa DXP. Murielle Couden, Projects Director at Coxeya says: “This allowed for the successful transfer of accounts and their marketing preferences, associated documentation, and contract information.” During the integration process, Resah transferred all the tender data and contract documents from their previous home on Excel spreadsheets to the Platform. This ensured all the necessary account information was contained in one secure site and facilitated the membership management features that Resah required in the portal.

Resah also benefits from the fact that Ibexa is a cloud-based technology. Not only did this ensure that the integration process was smooth and seamless, but it also means that future upgrades can be delivered more frequently. As a result, support and maintenance costs associated with the platform are also reduced. At the end of 2021, Coexya also managed the migration from eZ Platform 2.5 (Ibexa DXP’s former product name) to Ibexa DXP 3.3, marking the successful completion of the first stage of the project.

Why did Resah choose Ibexa?

For Resah, one of Ibexa DXP's most important features is its ability to implement fine-grained rights management in the back office and the portal front-end. As it's such a large organization, back-office rights management enabled Resah to designate responsibility for certain products to the relevant departments. At the front-end, it ensured Resah could offer a personalized customer experience, targeting particular members with relevant product offers and delivering tailored content.

Ibexa DXP’s extensive range of content management functions was also a big pull. Being able to preview, share, hide, copy and move content quickly and efficiently allows Resah to focus on creating high-quality content rather than worry about its storage, distribution, and management. The fact that all of Resah's content is stored within a single repository also adds to Ibexa DXP's appeal.

The Form Builder feature was a valuable addition. It allowed Resah to design and integrate its own forms, giving the organization a great deal of autonomy in shaping the portal. Likewise, Ibexa DXP also facilitates better management of content versions, which benefits an organization like Resah that works with vast numbers of products and has to handle a considerable amount of supporting documents.

Resah’s customer experience transformed

The deployment of Ibexa DXP has helped Resah revolutionize its ability to communicate and interact with its 8000 members by enabling it to personalize the customer experience and tailor the purchasing process to the needs of each of its members. Back office and front-end rights management have facilitated a cleaner, more intuitive, and easier way of interacting with Resah while streamlining workflows within the organization itself.

At the same time, Resah is making excellent use of Ibexa DXP's content management and form-building functionality to ensure its members benefit from a user-friendly portal that features relevant and captivating content. Coexya hopes to further develop Resah’s digital systems by introducing a dedicated PIM solution and the Ibexa eCommerce module.